Sunny Week To Be Interrupted By Thundery Rain Showers

Sunny Week To Be Interrupted By Thundery Rain Showers
May 7 2024 Share

What began as a sunny summery week is set to be interrupted by thundery showers mid-way.

Weather forecasts are predicting thundery rain showers for tomorrow, Wednesday 8th May, with temperatures dropping to feeling like 19 degrees Celsius from today’s 24 degrees Celsius.

This was also supported by Facebook page ‘Malta Weather,’ which wrote:

‘Forget today’s and yesterday’s almost beach weather. A dip in the jet stream will usher in a relatively cold and unstable airmass towards the Central Mediterranean and Malta as from Wednesday 8th May 2024 until early Friday 10th May 2024.’

‘This will bring cloudy skies with rain showers that could be thundery and heavy particularly if a Mediterranean cyclone does develop as some weather models are suggesting but which we believe it’s highly unlikely.’

‘In the second half of May 2024, there is the potential for very hot conditions to develop around the Central and Eastern Mediterranean as the jet stream comes off from Africa as per second image. Indeed, this would mark the third consecutive month this year in which the temperature somewhere in the Mediterranean rises to around 40°C.’


Robert Abela Accused PN Of Politicising Hospitals Inquiry For Partisan Gain

May 6 2024 Share

Tensions reached a boiling point within the Maltese Parliament as Speaker Anġlu Farrugia dismissed a request from Leader of the Opposition Bernard Grech for an urgent discussion on the inquiry-Vitals. The decision prompted Opposition members to stage a dramatic walkout in protest.

The confrontation unfolded at the outset of the parliamentary session when Grech sought to address the need for transparency regarding the publication of the inquiry-Vitals report. 

Highlighting concerns over the Prime Minister’s purported access to the inquiry and alleged interference with the judiciary, Grech emphasised the urgency of public disclosure.

“This is a matter of national and urgent importance,” declared Grech, underscoring the public’s right to access information and the imperative of upholding judicial integrity.

In response, Prime Minister Robert Abela rebuffed Grech’s assertions, accusing the Opposition of politicising the issue for partisan gain. Abela reiterated his calls for the Attorney General to expedite the publication of the inquiry, vehemently denying any personal possession of the report.

Amidst the heated exchange, references were made to a former deputy of the Opposition allegedly possessing advance knowledge of investigative operations, further inflaming tensions within the chamber.

Speaker Farrugia intervened, suspending the session to deliberate on Grech’s request. Upon resumption, Farrugia delivered his ruling, citing a lack of compelling urgency to warrant adjournment and discussion as requested by the Opposition.

Grech vehemently contested Farrugia’s decision, accusing both the Speaker and the government of stifling debate and attempting to silence dissent. In a defiant gesture, Grech signalled the Opposition’s refusal to engage further, stating that they would vacate Parliament premises.


PN MPs Storm Out Of Parliament After A Dismissed Request For An Urgent Debate

May 6 2024 Share

Opposition MPs made a dramatic exit from the Maltese Parliament on Monday afternoon following a tense standoff with Speaker Anglu Farrugia.

The confrontation arose after Farrugia dismissed a request for an urgent debate on the highly anticipated hospitals inquiry and amidst news of criminal charges being filed against high profiled individuals such as former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

Farrugia justified his decision by citing concerns over potentially prejudicing the human rights of individuals implicated in the inquiry and interfering with ongoing investigations. He drew parallels with a past ruling in 2020 when he declined a similar debate on the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, citing legal advice suggesting it could prejudice criminal cases.

However, Opposition leader Bernard Grech contested Farrugia’s interpretation of the motion, which specifically called for a debate on the publication of the inquiry rather than its contents. Grech accused the Speaker of collusion with the government to stifle discussion on the inquiry, prompting a walkout by Opposition MPs in protest.

The motion was presented by Grech following parliamentary questions on the same day that news broke confirming police charges against at least 19 individuals named in the inquiry. Among those charged reportedly include former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, his chief of staff Keith Schembri, and former minister Konrad Mizzi.

Tensions flared as the government side objected to the motion, leading to the suspension of parliamentary proceedings while the Speaker deliberated on his ruling. Grech asserted that the public had a right to know the inquiry’s contents, deeming it a matter of urgent public controversy warranting discussion.

In response, Prime Minister Robert Abela rebuffed accusations of political manoeuvring, accusing the Opposition of attempting to politicise the inquiry. Abela denied possessing a copy of the inquiry and emphasised the need to address concerns over leaks of confidential information.

Grech fired back, alleging an attempt by Abela to control the dissemination of information and accusing him of selective transparency.

Earlier, the Nationalist Party had proposed an adjournment under Standing Order 13 to discuss the publication of the Vitals magisterial inquiry report. The motion, presented by Grech, underscored the imperative of transparency and accountability in matters of governance and justice, signalling a resolute commitment to upholding Malta’s democratic principles.


‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ – Robert Abela Amidst Recent Charges

May 6 2024 Share

In a press conference held at Auberge De Castille, Prime Minister Robert Abela addressed the nation in the wake of startling revelations surrounding criminal charges filed against prominent figures, including former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Keith Schembri, and Konrad Mizzi.

Prime Minister Abela’s stance was clear from the onset — “innocent until proven guilty.” He emphasised this principle as he navigated through multiple media questions, also describing certain people as “loyal servants to Malta.”

The Prime Minister stated that he is very disappointed that people found charges on their doorstep without ever being spoken to or given a fair process. This statement comes an hour after former Prime Minister Jospeh Muscat wrote on Facebook, that he has been told by many lawyers that for the first time ever, “there will be a lot of people accused of criminal activity without the possibility to defend themselves.” He continued on to state that this charge was “not merely a case of political vendetta but a manifestation of corruption and abuse, where the lives of countless individuals are being ruined by bureaucratic malpractice for the convenience of a few. ”

Abela urged caution and restraint, reminding the public of the complex nature of legal proceedings, especially when they involve individuals holding or formerly holding public office. He stressed the importance of allowing the legal system to run its course, without succumbing to sensationalism or premature judgments.

Addressing concerns regarding individuals currently serving in public office, Abela reiterated his steadfast belief in the presumption of innocence. He declined to entertain calls for resignations based solely on accusations, emphasising the need for concrete evidence before any such decisions could be considered.

In response to queries about his interactions with key figures implicated in the case, Abela maintained transparency, affirming that while he remained in regular contact with Joseph Muscat, discussions pertaining to the ongoing legal proceedings had not taken place.

When pressed about the potential ramifications on the functioning of the government, Abela exuded confidence, asserting that no individual or event would derail its operations.

Robert Abela claimed that “the establishment” is very clear about who it is targeting, whilst saying that “the establishment” are “those who tarnished Adrian Delia and stripped him of the party leader role.” While stating that “the establishment” can be very cruel, he alleged that it tarnished Delia’s personal life and humiliated him, going on to choose Bernard Grech to lead, whom he describes as someone whose strings can easily be pulled by the establishment.

In response to Lovin Malta’s Tim Diacono, Robert Abela completely ruled out the idea of calling an early election in light of the current turmoil, similar to what Joseph Muscat did in 2017. He stated that the MEP elections on the 8th of June will be sufficient for Maltese citizens to send their message.