Summer Solstice: The Longest Day Of The Year

Summer Solstice: The Longest Day Of The Year
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If yesterday felt particularly dragging, just know it was the longest day of the year.

That’s because ummer began in the Northern Hemisphere yesterday, June 20, marking the longest day of the year.

The summer solstice, or June solstice, is when the sun reaches its highest and northernmost point in the sky.

This event ushers in summer for the Northern Hemisphere and winter for the Southern Hemisphere, bringing the most daylight hours of the year to the north and the fewest to the south.

Above the Arctic Circle, residents experience the “midnight sun,” where the sun remains visible for weeks or months.

A full Strawberry Moon will follow the solstice, reaching its peak at 9:08 p.m. EDT on June 21 (01:08 GMT on June 22). It will appear full the nights before and after its peak, located near the constellation Sagittarius.

The June solstice and seasonal changes are due to Earth’s axial tilt of 23.44°. This tilt causes each hemisphere to tilt towards the sun for half the year. During the June solstice, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the sun, while the Southern Hemisphere tilts away.

The solstices don’t occur on the same day each year because the astronomical year is 365.25 days long, causing the summer solstice to shift between June 20, 21, and 22. However, the solstice occurs simultaneously worldwide, meaning it can happen at different times of the day depending on your location.


Viral Skater Glides Through Valletta’s Streets

Viral Skater Glides Through Valletta's Streets
Jun 20 2024 Share

An Indian skater known as ‘Mr. Skater’ is making waves online with his captivating skating videos filmed across Malta. Currently residing in Malta, Mr. Skater has amassed thousands of likes and views on social media for his smooth glides through the island’s picturesque streets.


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In his most recent viral video, Mr. Skater can be seen effortlessly navigating the historic corners of Valletta with a red flag adorned with the iconic eight-pointed cross fluttering behind him.

The videos do not only his impressive skating prowess but also the unique beauty of Malta’s landscape, which may be why his videos are gaining so many views.

On the flip side of the coin, with some taking to the comments to express their frustration at the fact that the roller blades may have damage the steps upon his descent.


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88.9% Of People In Malta Believe In God

Jun 20 2024 Share

Survey Reveals Maltese Attitudes Towards Religion and Trust: A Detailed Analysis

In a recent survey “Stat tan-Nazzjon,” a significant majority of respondents affirmed their belief in God.

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The survey, designed by statistics expert Dr. Vincent Marmarà and strategic communication consultant Mr. Lou Bondi, encompassed a representative sample of 1,064 individuals across Malta.

A striking 88.9% of respondents declared their belief in God, while only 8.2% stated they did not believe, and 3.0% were uncertain. These figures have remained relatively consistent over the past four years, though subtle shifts are noticeable.

  • Among those aged 16-25, over twenty respondents (20.7%) expressed disbelief in God.
  • Over fourteen percent of individuals with tertiary education reported not believing in God (14.5%).

Despite these variations, religion retains significant importance for many Maltese:

  • 56.7% of respondents consider religion very important in their lives.
  • 31.5% view it as somewhat important.
  • 10.4% regard it as not important at all.

The data suggests a clear trend: older respondents tend to place greater importance on religion. Conversely, those with lower educational levels overwhelmingly deem religion important (83.3%). Interestingly, higher earners tend to place less importance on religion.

Less than 40% of the survey participants in 2024 said they consider religion significantly when making moral decisions (38.9%), a notable decrease from 49.0% in 2023. The trend indicates that older individuals are more likely to factor in religion when determining right from wrong, whereas higher education levels correlate with a lesser reliance on religious considerations for such decisions.

Dr. Marmarà highlighted a growing sentiment among Maltese people of declining reliance on religion and political parties for decision-making. This coincides with increasing importance placed on family for guidance and support. Trust in media is also waning.

Dr. Marmarà noted, “People are becoming more selective in whom they trust, reducing their risk-taking in trust. The decreasing trust in media reflects this shift.”

Other key findings include:

  • 35.2% of respondents believe that foreigners are not the solution to Malta’s issues, even though tourism, which heavily relies on foreigners, is seen as vital for economic growth.
  • A significant number of people feel financially better off, yet their expectations continue to evolve.

President Myriam Spiteri Debono opened the national conference by reflecting on the survey’s findings over the past four years. She emphasised the importance of these insights for institutions and political entities aiming to lead and serve the Maltese population effectively.

“The survey serves as a crucial guide and reference for institutions and organisations working among the people, particularly those aspiring to leadership at various levels,” concluded President Debono.


ABBA Tribute Band to Headline Kirkop Music Festival

ABBA Tribute Band to Headline Kirkop Music Festival
Jun 20 2024 Share

ONSTAGE Malta is thrilled to announce the upcoming Kirkop Music Festival, set to take place on Saturday, June 22, 2024, starting at 8:00 PM.

The event will be held in the village of Ħal Kirkop, on Triq Taż-Żebbiegħ, and promises a night of unforgettable music and entertainment with free entry for all attendees.

A major highlight of the festival will be a performance by the sensational UK-based tribute band, 21st Century Abba. Known for their faithful renditions of ABBA’s greatest hits, the band will bring the timeless magic of the Swedish pop legends to life, delighting fans with classics like “Dancing Queen,” “Mamma Mia,” and “Waterloo.”

The Kirkop Music Festival is not just a celebration of music but also a community effort to support a worthy cause. The festival will raise awareness and support for ALS Malta+, an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The event aims to combine enjoyment of top-notch music with a positive social impact.

The festival lineup also includes local DJ talents Ryan Spiteri, DJ Panelli, and DJ Sandro, who will entertain the crowd with hits from the 80s and 90s. To accommodate attendees, free parking will be available at St. Benedict Secondary School, just a short walk from the concert venue.

Join us at the Kirkop Music Festival for an evening of fantastic music, community spirit, and support for ALS Malta+. Don’t miss out on this exceptional event featuring the spectacular 21st Century Abba tribute band!