Study Reveals That Malta Amongst Heaviest Drinkers In Europe

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A recent study, has revealed that Malta is one of the heaviest drinkers and binge-drinkers in all of Europe.  The study analysed various data showing how the European nature of alcoholic consumption changed during the years 2000 to 2019.

Malta along with countries such as Ireland, Finland, Iceland and Luxembourg were all classed in the group called “High CD and HED countries,”. High CD referred to high current drinkers and HED referred to heavy episodic drinking or also known as binge drinkers.

Malta’s group had the highest number of prevalent current drinkers with nearly 80.9% of the adults in that group consuming alcohol and also the highest number of episodic drinkers with 44.1% of the general adult population being episodic drinkers and around 53.8% of current drinkers being binge drinkers.

A key finding of the study was the stable nature of the number of drinkers in Europe throughout the 19 years of the study, this suggested the importance to European culture consumption of alcohol has and that change is not looking likely.

A study made back in 2021 by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) showed that Maltese men drink about four times more than Maltese women and that Maltese adults on average consume the equivalent of 1.6 bottles of wine or 3.1 litres of beer each week.


Somalian Worker Dies After Being Electrocuted In St Julian’s

Somalian Worker Dies After Being Electrocuted In St Julian's
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Today, at around 1130hrs, police were informed that their assistance was needed in Triq Manuel Dimech, St Julian’s.

Police convened immediately on site and, through preliminary investigations, found that a 31 year old Somalian man resident of Ħal Qormi was electrocuted whilst setting up scaffolding.

A medical team assisted the man and transported him to Mater Dei Hospital. Unfortunately, he was certified as dead a few moments later.

An inquiry has been opened as police continue investigations along with the workplace health and safety authority.

May he rest in peace.


Belgian Captain Kevin De Bruyne Argues With Supporters

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Belgian captain and star player Kevin De Bruyne was booed off the pitch after a heated exchange with his own supporters following Belgium’s disappointing draw against Ukraine.

The European giants barely made it to the knockout stages, finishing second in a group they were widely expected to win comfortably. This underwhelming performance clearly did not sit well with the thousands of travelling Belgian fans.

At the end of the match, De Bruyne went to applaud the Belgian fans but instead was greeted with thousands of boos. After this event the captain quickly told his teammates to leave the pitch so that they do not also receive the hostile reception from the fans. This only angered the Belgians more.

Visibly angry after both his performance and the fans’ reaction, De Bruyne stormed off the field. However, he had to return to receive his player of the match award. To everyone’s surprise, Belgium’s star player was once again met with deafening boos from the crowd.


Should Malta Send Astronauts To Space?

Should Malta Send Astronauts To Space?
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Malta should aim to send its first astronaut to space, according to Ryan Callus, the PN’s research and innovation spokesperson.

Callus highlighted Malta’s capable scientists and their strides in space research during a parliamentary debate on Malta’s role in the European Space Agency (ESA).

MPs ratified a new five-year agreement, upgrading Malta’s status to ‘European Cooperating State’. This agreement requires an annual €1.5 million investment in space research, mainly through competitive grants to local companies.

Parliamentary secretary Keith Azzopardi Tanti noted that this agreement would boost the space sector and attract foreign investment.

Callus expressed support but urged for full ESA membership to bring more research opportunities, particularly in biomedical fields. He cited University of Malta scientist Joseph Borg’s research on human blood in space, which could benefit thalassaemia patients.

Callus stressed the need for greater research funding, pointing out the University of Malta’s insufficient €1.3 million research budget and the challenges faced by applicants for Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) grants. He emphasized that increased investment in research is essential for Malta to advance in space exploration and innovation.