Study reports slight increase in menstrual cycle after COVID jab

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Study reports slight increase in menstrual cycle after COVID jab

A large international study published by the British Medical Journal reports an average increase in menstrual cycle length of less than one day. 

The increase was not associated with any change in the number of ays of menses (days of bleeding). Funded by the National Institutes of Health, the study included data from around 20,000 people from the US, UK, Europe, Canada and other parts of the world. 

Alison Edelman, M.D.,M.P.H., of Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, was principal investigator and found the the increase resolved in the cycle following vaccination. 

A change in cycle length of less than eight days in considered within the normal range of variation. Although small menstrual changes may not be meaningful to health care professionals, the study authors said that any changes in bodily function linked to fertility may be alarming to those experiencing it. 

This could lead to vaccine hesitancy, the authors relayed. Researchers analysed data from the fertility tracking app Natural Cycles. 

A total of 19,622 individuals participated, with 14,936 being vaccinated and 4,686 unvaccinated. Data on at least 3 consecutive cycles before vaccination and at least one cycle after. 

On average, vaccinated people experienced an increase of less than one day in each cycle. Those who had both doses in a single cycle had a 3.91 day increase in cycle length. After vaccination, cycle length increased by 0.2 days for 1 dose per cycle and 0.85 days for 2 doses in 1 cycle. 

Of the total, 1,342 participants experienced a change in cycle length of 8 or more days, comprising 6.2% of vaccinated and 5.0% of unvaccinated individuals. 

In conclusion, ‘Covid-19 vaccination is associated with a small and likely to be temporary change in menstrual cycle length but no change in menses length.’ 

Links to full studies here and here.


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Back to School at St Albert: What went down on day 1

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Back to School at St Albert: What went down on day 1

With the reopening of St Albert the Great College following the recent controversy surrounding former head Mario Mallia, an email sent to the Secretariat for Catholic Education by the MUT President revealed what went down during the first day of school.

According to sources, the situation ‘is other than normal and very different from the impression that was provided publicly by the rector.’ 

Sources revealed various issues which had to be addressed by not just the MUT members themselves but assistant heads, teachers, LSEs and other personnel. 

‘It is thanks to their efforts and in the best interest of their students that the school could function.’ Among the issues is the lack of considerable number of personnel. 

New faces are reportedly seen roaming around, with no information to personnel as to whether they underwent a selection process or were handpicked to work at the school. ‘The MUT questions whether these were engaged through the normal selection process, whether there is approval for their post, and whether they passed all checks and balances required for such posts.’ 

The school was also using the draft secondary timetable which was prepared and provided by previous head Mr Mario Mallia and assistant heads back in July. Thus, the MUT report that claims that members refrained from passing data to the school is unfounded and does not justify the delayed opening. 

‘The timetable is clearly not finalised, with problems in room allocations and student allocations. There were problems with replacements with classes unsupervised whilst the supervision roster was unavailable and had to be done by our members.’ 

Outings logistics and transport arrangements had to also be done by MUT, with teachers getting excessive loads and schemes in breach of agreements. LSEs also were assigned to students without respect to their personal statements. 

The situation is reportedly just as bad in the primary school, where timetables for specialised subjects were unavailable and had to be done by other teachers. Supervisions were unavailable and had to be worked out by LSEs and teachers. Furthermore, all programmes running for students in the past years have been scrapped. 

The MUT stated that had they not stepped up to assist and address serious shortcomings, the students would have suffered. 


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Benna shoot down allegations they import Milk from Sicily

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Benna shoot down allegations they import Milk from Sicily

Taking to social media, popular local dairy product company Benna shut down rumours which surfaced alleging that they import their milk from outside of Europe. 

After a Facebook post uploaded to page ‘Malta Dizastru Totali’ showed a Benna truck with the caption: ‘Maltese fresh milk coming to Malta’, the company took upon itself to clear its name. 

‘Local fresh milk by Benna comes from 86 farms around Malta and Gozo. After Malta Daily Products spreads its products on a daily basis to local shops, some of the milk which is not used locally is exported.’ 

The post was met with various praise by fans of the product, given that it’s a staple of Maltese produce. 



WATCH: Muscat knew his MPFCA chairman announcement was going to cause ‘a bit of panic’

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WATCH: Muscat knew his MPFCA chairman announcement was going to cause 'a bit of panic'

Joseph Muscat knew that his announcement as chairman of the Malta Professional Football Clubs Association was going to cause a fair bit of panic, the former PM revealed in our latest episode of The Interview with Fabian Demicoli.

At a point, Demicoli asked whether Muscat, at any point, considered conceding his position to avoid any potential issues. Muscat revealed that he had asked whoever proposed the position whether they were certain if they want him to occupy the role, knowing that controversy would arise.

The now-chairman of the Malta Premier League was aware that some would have been enthusiastic of his new position while others would be completely against. He went on to state that he took a decision beforehand so the reaction was not a surprise.

Watch the full interview here.


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