Stop tripping on power – Cardi B speaks about Ukraine crisis

Stop tripping on power - Cardi B speaks about Ukraine crisis
Feb 23 2022 Share

Cardi B went all out on Twitter to express her thoughts about the Ukraine situation. The rapper, boasting 21.8 million followers, was asked on Twitter what she thinks about ‘the whole Russia thing.’

Insisting her phone wasn’t hacked, Cardi told fans that she feels like if she doesn’t say the right things she ‘might get killed.’ She went on to urge world leaders to ‘stop tripping on power.’ 

‘Wish these world leaders stop tripping about power and really think about whose really getting affected (citizens). Besides the whole world is in a crisis. War, sanctions, invasions should be the last thing these leaders should worry about.’

Fans suspected the account was hacked, but the rapper uploaded a video to show she was genuinely speaking about it. 

‘I actually wanna say a lot of things but I’m just gonna mind my business because sometimes I feel like I have such a big platform that if I don’t say the right things I might get killed.’ She went on to say that she is not on NATO’s side or Russia’s side, instead allying herself with the citizens because they are the ones who will suffer. 

Cardi does have a history of commenting politics, with several feuds with campaigning politicians leading to fans even calling for ‘Cardi B for President.’ She had expressed that she wants to urge people to vote, even sitting down for interviews with Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden aimed at young voters. 

This all comes as other countries such as the US and the UK introduce several sanctions on Russia as it began its movement into Ukraine through two eastern rebel-controlled regions. 



Xkupa Ħadra Tnaddaf – ADPD electoral campaign launched

Xkupa Ħadra Tnaddaf - ADPD electoral campaign launched
Feb 23 2022 Share

Carmel Cacopardo, leader of the ADPD – The Green Party, introduced the election campaign theme and slogan: Xkupa Ħadra Tnaddaf – Green Sweeps Clean. 

Cacopardo said that their message is one which proposes a commitment which is respectful of our surroundings, of the ecology of which we form part. It is also a commitment in favour of ethical leadership, in favour of good governance. It focuses on the impact of bad governance on public administration. 

The electoral manifesto is in the final stages of preparations and will be presented to the party’s Executive Committee for consideration and approval once concluded. 

Cacopardo described it as not being ‘a Father Christmas manifesto’ which promises specific sectors individually. It will instead include proposals and electoral premisses which set to address ‘the common good and develop a better country.’ 

‘The party is dependent on inputs from volunteers. We have no employees. We receive few donations which in 2021 amounted to around €2,600. We will not be organising any campaign to collect funds as we do not wish to place pressures on anyone. The little that we receive is appreciated. We plan our activities within the limits of the resources which we have. The party has no loans or overdrafts. Nor do we have access to commercial companies which serve as a hiding place for the receipt of illegal donations. It is with this in mind that we start this electoral campaign.’


250 runner applications in 12 hours for SportMalta Charity run

250 runner applications in 12 hours for SportMalta Charity run
Feb 23 2022 Share

SportMalta registered up to 250 applications in 12 hours from athletes who wish to participate in its charity marathon run. This was announced by the marathon’s Facebook page. 

The Sport Malta Charity Marathon will be taking place on the 6th of March and was announced last week by the transport and education ministries. This is the same date which was set to see the now cancelled Malta Marathon take place. The cancelation occurred following a disagreement between Transport Malta and the organisers. 

The Sport Malta marathon will be raising funds for NGO Puttinu Cares and in memory of the late doctor and renowned athlete Victor Calvagna. The oncologist passed away after being hit by a car whilst running. 

Sport Malta said the route had been identified after a professional risk assessment, with the full marathon starting in Rabat at 6:30 am, followed by a half marathon in Mtarfa at 7am. 

The cancellation of the Malta Marathon had sparked considerable outrage. 


€40 million investment by Malta Airport for new apron and taxiway

€40 million investment by Malta Airport for new apron and taxiway
Feb 23 2022 Share

A €40 million project was given the go-ahead by the board of directors of Malta International Airport on Tuesday to develop a new apron for future growth.

The Apron X project will see the development of an area which measures approximately 100,000 square meters. This is roughy comparable to the size of 14 football pitches to ensure plentiful room.

This is set to significantly improve the airports’ aircraft parking capacity as well as its ability to better handle mixed-fleet operations. Most notably, this will be targeting the peak hours of summer as the amount of inbound and outbound flights expectedly rises.

Up to seven medium-sized aircrafts or three larger ones will be able to park in Apron X, with Malta’s airport already having an additional 20 stands for aircraft on Aprons 8 and 9. Malta International Airport Chief Executive Officer Alan Borg said that they have ‘the responsibility to start taking long term decisions, even if they may appear to be at woods with the current aviation environment, that will determine the future of the local tourism industry.’ 

‘Today’s approval of the Apron X investment is Malta International Airport’s strongest statement yet about its confidence ion the industry’s ability to recover to pre-pandemic levels, as well as its potential to grow further and achieve new records’ he said.

The project is set to support MIA in honouring its environmental commitments through the construction of a 10,000sq metre reservoir for better rainwater harvesting and the installation of LED floodlighting systems. It will also provide for preparatory works for the electrification of parking stands, which is inline with a European Union plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Works on the project are expected to commence in the coming weeks once the Planning Authority issues a permit. 


Photo Source: Malta Chamber of Commerce