Steward Health Care Malta appeals court verdict and requests European Court of Justice ruling

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Steward Health Care Malta appeals court verdict and requests European Court of Justice ruling

Steward Health Care Malta (SHCM) has filed an appeal against the Maltese Civil Court judgement on the hospitals’ concession agreement and requested a European Court of Justice (ECJ) Preliminary Ruling.

In a recent statement, Steward Malta addressed the appeal and ruling request, stating the following:

The company emphatically rejects the narrative of the judge’s findings in relation to SHCM, an assessment that was made with no basis in evidence. This narrative is erroneous and could have been disproven had SHCM simply been asked to supply evidence on these counts to court – a request that was never made.

This failing – along with most others present in the judgement – presents major concerns for the rule of law in Malta and has serious implications for the future of foreign investment in the country. Steward has filed, together with the appeal, an ECJ Preliminary Ruling request from the High Court.

While SHCM has no position on or knowledge of events that took place while the concession was being awarded, the company has supplied significant documentary and other evidence to counter any claims made in its respect as part of its appeal. This evidence, which includes relevant interactions with the Government of Malta and documents outlining how SHCI transformed a bankrupt enterprise into a professionally managed operation with a sound financial footing, will help to inform the understanding of the Maltese people about the concession.

SHCM notes that it kept the US Embassy and State Department – which was on several occasions present at negotiations on the concession terms – fully informed at all times of all relevant events and engagements with the Government of Malta.

SHCM remains committed to operate at all times in accordance with its highest professional standards and values. Our priority was and remains always the provision of optimal healthcare to the communities and patients we are entrusted to serve.

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Malta mourns the loss of Karin Grech’s father & former Minister Prof. Edwin Grech

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Malta mourns the loss of Karin Grech's father & former Minister Prof. Edwin Grech

Politicians and members of the community came together online on Wednesday to mourn the loss of Professor Edwin Grech, a former Minister of Malta and father of letterbomb victim Karin Grech.

Prof. Grech died at age 94, without ever having seen justice for the death of his daughter, who died in 1977 at age 15 after opening a letterbomb addressed to her father.

Nationalist Party & Opposition leader Bernard Grech shared a few sentiments on Facebook to salute the memory of his Uncle, stating “he was a person who inspired me even though I come from a working family from the South of Malta, I was able to go to University and become a lawyer. A person who helped my mother birth me and helped thousands of women and couples.”

Minister for Foreign Affairs, EU Affairs & Trade Ian Borg also took to Facebook, calling him “A father who died without ever knowing who killed his daughter. He would only speak to me about that. The state surely failed you and your entire family. Rest in peace Profs.”

Prime Minister Robert Abela called Prof. Grech ‘a person who gave everything for his countries and patients who were so close to his heart’.

RIP Prof. Grech.



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Viral pastizzi maker posts new video showing the process behind the iconic pastizz

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Viral pastizzi maker posts new video showing the process behind the iconic pastizz

After going viral with his rapid-fire pastizzi-making skills, local pastizzar Roderick Mizzi has done it again, posting a new video showing the entire process behind Malta’s favourite diamond-shaped snack.

@roderickmizzi1 #pastizzimalta #pastizzidough #roggi#maltatraditionalfood ♬ dance(256762) – TimTaj

From kneading the dough to forming the seemingly endless amount of butter-lathered layers, this pastizzar has certainly found his niche in the internet landscape.

With the first video gaining thousands of views for showing rapid pastizzi-making chops, it seems like we could get a better view of the process behind this iconic Maltese snack.

What’s your favourite pastizzi flavour?


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Club Penguin’s founder is confident that the game will return ‘one day’

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Club Penguin's founder is confident that the game will return 'one day'

On one sad evening in 2017, the iconic online game Club Penguin was officially shut down, leaving a penguin-shaped hole in the heart of millions of users around the world.

However, the game’s creator Lance Priebe has broken his silence on a potential return. When asked whether or not he regrets selling the iconic game, Priebe stated that he is “sad that it ended but confident it will one day return.”

After multiple lucrative offers and venture capital investments, the three Club Penguin co-creators sold Club Penguin to Disney in 2005 for a jaw-dropping $350 million. Ten years later, gamer numbers started to decline due to a number of issues such as copycat versions, little updates and lack of income.

While Priebe’s statement alone is not enough to justify a return just yet, the modern internet landscape does have a habit of speaking things into existence, so if you’re a Club Penguin fan we suggest keeping your eyes peeled.


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