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Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana due to America’s racism

Feb 25 2021 Share

Singer and song-writer Stevie Wonder has recently stated that he will be relocating to Ghana with his entire family as America has proved to be a racially unjust nation.

The 25 Grammy winning artist has already discussed the issue and has recently raised the issue with more urgency.

He told TV host Oprah the he wants his great-great grandchildren to live a nation where they do not have to ask for respect or consideration. Addressing his hero Martin Luther King Jr., Wonder expresses discontent concerning racial issues as they seem to have not improved since his day.


Mark Zammit Cutajar recounts his missionary experience in Africa

Feb 25 2021 Share

Mark Lawrence Zammit, former Xarabank co-host and current host of L-Erbgħa Fost l-Gimgħa, brings to light his missionary experience on the African continent.

The trip required immense preparation, according to Lawrence, and what stuck out to him most was how people living there had to survive hunger and poverty, whilst the other creatures of the land enjoyed the wonderful scenery.

Zammit explains this on the new programme, Ara Min Mar, the purpose of which is to explain and prepare individuals who wish to undertake the missionary experience, along with what to expect upon return.


All four Caruana Galizia & Chircop murder suspects plead not guilty

Feb 25 2021 Share

The 4 murder suspects Robert Agius, Adrian Agius, Jamie Vella and George Degiorgio have denied charges of their assassination of the late journalist and lawyer.

With Degiorgio and Vella being charged with carrying out Carmel Chircop’s murder in 2015, Agius the procuring of the assassins and Robert Agius, along with Vella, as suppliers of explosives, police commissioner Angelo Gafa stated that two vehicles were seized.

One vehicle contained up to €50,000 in cash and the other 350g of heroin, along with two cocaine sachets. Further research unravelled €20,000, a cash-counting device, 25 phones, firearms, documents and other technological devices.

The crimes remain unsolved and all suspects are pleading not guilty.

Is-Suq tal-Belt addresses pet issue

Feb 24 2021 Share

Following the recent online discussion surrounding a viral Facebook post addressing Is-Suq Tal-Belt Valletta Food Market not allowing pets inside, the eating establishment has addressed the issue.

In a statement with local media platform Gwida, a staff member stated that since the food market is a concept with 12 open kitchens, it would not be in the best interest of health and safety to allow animals inside.

Despite this, guide dogs are an exception to the rule. For any other customer who brings pets along, the staff member stated that an outside area is available. According to the staff member, these regulations are in place to maintain safety and health a priority for customers.