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St. Julian’s with most reported thefts across all of Malta

St. Julian's with most reported thefts across all of Malta
Oct 25 2021 Share

St. Julian’s has ranked first in most thefts reported across all of Malta since January 2021. Minister for Home Affairs Dr. Byron Camilleri revealed the latter after publishing a list of figures dating from last January to August 31 2021.

St. Julian’s registered 305 thefts over the first 8 months of 2021, with St. Paul’s Bay coming in second and Sliema third with 277 and 149 reports respectively.

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Thefts in other Maltese and Gozitan localities ranked as follows:

Attard 32;

Ħal Balzan 15;

Birgu 17;

Birkirkara 101;

Birżebbuga 92;

Bormla 37;

Ħad-Dingli 9;

Fgura 42;

Furjana 51;

Fontana – Għawdex 1;

Għajnsielem – Għawdex 23;

Għarb – Għawdex 5;

Għargħur 7;

Għasri – Għawdex 4;

Għaxaq 26;

Gudja 26;

Gżira 89 ;

Ħamrun 120;

Iklin  9;

Isla 17;

Kalkara 19;

Ta’ Kerċem – Għawdex 5;

Ħal Kirkop 7;

Ħal Lija 5;

Ħal Luqa 40;

Marsa 111;

Marsaskala 91;

Marsaxlokk 32;

Mellieħa 50;

Mġarr 20;

Mosta 82;

Mqabba 7;

Msida 85;

Mtarfa 4;

Munxar – Għawdex 4;

Nadur – Għawdex 9;

Naxxar 52;

Raħal Ġdid 64;

Pembroke 10;

Pieta’ 47;

Qala – Għawdex 3;

Ħal Qormi 152;

Qrendi 11;

Rabat – Malta 53;

Rabat – Għawdex 22;

Ħal Safi 5;

San Ġiljan 305;

San Ġwann 54;

San Lawrenz – Għawdex 2;

San Pawl Il-Bahar 277;

Ta’ Sannat – Għawdex 5;

Santa Luċija 10;

Santa Venera 39;

Siġġiewi 22;

Tas-Sliema 149;

Swieqi 30;

Ta’ Xbiex 39;

Tarxien 22;

Valletta 100;

Xagħra – Għawdex 13;

Xewkija – Għawdex 13;

Xgħajra 6 ;

Ħaż-Żabbar 55;

Ħaż-Żebbuġ 54;

Żebbuġ – Għawdex 23 ;

Żejtun 47;

Żurrieq 19.


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The robber emoji never existed but people think it did

The robber emoji never existed but people think it did
Oct 25 2021 Share

Do you remember an emoji in black-and-white stripes, signifying the character’s imprisoned status? Are you sure? Well, it turns out that this emoji has never existed in the first place. In a bizarre turn of events, the entire internet has lost it’s mind about the fact that this emoji is in fact non-existent, despite many claiming to have seen it, or even worse, used it in the past. Over 3,330 emojis exist in the character catalogue, but this one isn’t in there… and never has been.

This is a severe case of the Mandela Effect. This is a phenomenon which occurs when several people at a time remember something incorrectly, but their collective memory becomes the accepted version of reality. This goes to show how malleable our memories are. Other such cases of the Mandela Effect include people remembering ET saying ‘ET phone home’ when instead he said ‘ET home phone’, or The Thinker having his fist on his forehead, when actually its under his chin.

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The effects of sleeping less than 6 hours on our brains

The effects of sleeping less than 6 hours on our brains
Oct 25 2021 Share

We often hear of doctors recommending people getting around 6 to 8 hours a sleep a night. But what are the effects on one’s brain should one keep a schedule of sleeping less than 6  hours a night? Speaking to the Telegraph, Dr Rebecca Robbins said that just one hour can have a massive difference impacting one’s day. She pointed out how changing our sleep schedules by an hour or longer from one day to the next, the brain receives signals that we are attempting to transition to a new time zone. This makes the next night’s sleep a challenge. Robbins said that the brain produces toxins throughout the day, and the build up of these can lead to some serious consequences.

The accumulation can lead to neurocognitive decline such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, with people who are sleep deprived having higher risks of colds and flu. Adults, it turns out, need bed time schedules in the same way kids do. Combatting such potential harm can be done by establishing a healthy sleeping pattern, avoiding looking at your phone before you sleep and practicing some visualization before sleep. Anything that can help you fall asleep easier can have massive positive impact on your entire day.

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Photo Source: Healthline

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Is Pawlu Borg Bonaci teasing the return of Rockestra?

Oct 25 2021 Share

A social media post by artistic director Pawlu Borg Bonaci has got us thinking – will Malta see the return of renowned crowd-favorite festival Rockestra? Last year’s event was cancelled due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases and directives issued by the health authorities. However, as test events and the return to normality pick up pace on the island, it wouldn’t be such a bizarre thing to see the return of the fund-raising concert.

Rockestra is organized by the MCCFF and is much anticipated by both locals and foreigners who love the musical celebration. Last year would have marked the 12th edition of the event, but the pandemic had to go and take this anniversary as well. However, Bonaci’s photograph with Malta Philharmonic Orchestra CEO Sigmund Mifsud and Yanis Azzopardi, captioned ‘Something’s cooking… Are you ready?!’ has got us thinking! This event would be a well-needed return to the live music scene, as well as an opportunity to raise money for those in need. Fingers crossed!

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Photo Source: Pawlu Borg Bonaci FB

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