St Julian’s Streets Left Spotless After St Patrick’s Celebrations

St Julian's Streets Left Spotless After St Patrick's Celebrations
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22 dedicated workers of Clean Malta made quick work of around 15 tonnes of waste in St Julian’s following the St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Minister for Tourism and Public Cleansing, Clayton Bartolo, took to social media to acknowledge the efforts of the Clean Malta team.

In his recent post, he shared a few snaps of himself of the dedicated team prepared to tackle the challenge ahead, highlighting the scale and importance of their task.


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Moreover, Bartolo, alongside Parliamentary Secretary for Public Cleansing Glenn Bedingfield, visited the site to witness the operation firsthand.

This swift and efficient cleanup operation not only restored the area but also demonstrated the effectiveness of organised community efforts in addressing the aftermath of large-scale celebrations.

This year, St. Patrick’s Day in Malta saw tens of thousands of revellers take to the streets of St. Julian’s in green clothing to celebrate the annual event, which seems to be ever-growing in Malta.


The Story Behind Malta’s Biggest Fast Food Franchise – Amigos

The Story Behind Malta's Biggest Fast Food Franchise - Amigos
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As the homegrown brand celebrates opening its 10th outlet on its 15th year anniversary, it’s time to reflect on its journey from a budding fast-food outlet to a pioneering force within the industry. What started as a mission to fill a gap in the market has transformed into a thriving business that resonates with people from all walks of life. Through relentless dedication to refining its brand, menu, and operations, Amigos has not only met but exceeded expectations, setting new benchmarks for quality and customer service in the fast-food sector.

Pioneering Franchise Expansion

By inviting new franchisees to join its thriving network, Amigos is opening doors to lucrative opportunities for growth and prosperity, both in Malta and potentially on an international scale.

The franchising structure is designed to be a milestone, offering a blueprint for success to aspiring business owners. With heavy investments in streamlining manufacturing and distribution processes, Amigos ensures that its franchisees are well-supported to maintain consistency and an exceptional food experience for customers everywhere.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and food enthusiasts eager to be part of this success story, Amigos invites you to explore franchise opportunities and embark on a journey of growth and discovery. Visit Amigos’ website to learn more about the brand and its vision for the future.

Eyeing International Horizons

With its sights set on international expansion, Amigos is ready to take its success story beyond Maltese shores. The brand’s diverse menu, which caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, positions it uniquely for global appeal. Amigos is poised to replicate its domestic achievements on a global stage, introducing the world to the flavours that have made it a beloved brand in Malta.


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Champions League Anthem Played At St Patrick’s Festivities

Champions League Anthem Played At St Patrick's Festivities
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DJ Debrii dropped this football classic during yesterday’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations in St Julian’s.


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The Champions League anthem is well known by almost everyone – within and outside – the realm of football.

Debrii weaved it into his track sequence as the crowd of thousands sang along and celebrated the feast that is immensely beloved with many Maltese.


Żabbar St Patrick’s Promoted To Premier League On St Patrick’s Day

Żabbar St Patrick's Promoted To Premier League On St Patrick's Day
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Żabbar St Patrick’s Football Club managed to get promoted to Premier League on St Patrick’s Day.

Beating Marsa 2-0, the team, along with Melita, were elected to next season’s BOV Premier League after a streak of wins and matches still to spare.

The team understandably celebrated on the same day of the day of the saint’s name sake.

Meanwhile, Melita found their place in Premier League after beating Senglea Athletic 1-0.

Congratulations to both teams!