St. Julian’s residents lament lack of police patrols amidst vandalism and drunken disturbances

St. Julian's residents lament lack of police patrols amidst vandalism and drunken disturbances
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A considerable amount of St. Julian’s residents have called for increased police presence due to an increased amount of vandalism and disturbances from revellers in the area.

Both the Spinola Bay and Balluta Bay area residents have called for the increased police patrols, stating that the situation has become unbearable, going on to suggest signs calling for respect for residents in multiple languages.

Many went on to highlight that streets of the surrounding areas turn to a disastrous state with foul smells in the morning due to individuals urinating during the late hours.

Moreover, it was highlighted that the lack of patrolling and enforcement also resulted in increased looting and vandalism of boats, illegal parkings and nightly disturbances despite multiple calls from the residents.

Do you agree with these calls?


One of Malta’s favourite singalong TV themes just got a dance remix

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Few are the local TV theme which stood the test of time and became cultural phenomena, but the Simpatiċi theme is definitely one of them, and it just got a dance remix.


Fejn huma l-Maltin? 😅 #malta #maltatiktok #simpatici #remix

♬ original sound – Daniel Briffa

Local DJ & producer Debrii posted the 30-second clip of the dance remix on TikTok and Instagram, to which the Maltese public reacted fairly well, with the clips gaining thousands of views and hundreds of shares within the span of a few hours.

As the local music scene continues to thrive under the stressful conditions of the pandemic, a light-hearted revival of one of the country’s most beloved TV theme songs is just what we all needed.


Masturbation before bed leads to better sleep, English doctor argues

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Whether it’s preparing a nice cup of tea or putting on some soothing music, everyone has their own pre-sleep ritual but English GP and author Dr. Jeff Foster’s suggestions for some self-love before sleep have made headlines all over the internet.

In an interview with Glamour magazine, Dr. Foster stated that “masturbation is the same as sexual intercourse, and therefore, the differentiation between the two is only significant in terms of that fact that other people may or may not be involved in the process.”

The doctor argued that sexual activity and the resulting orgasm trigger the release of hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and prolactin which ultimately leave a sedating effect.


Rare fish with ‘human teeth’ spotted in North Carolina

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The fishing world has gone absolutely crazy after a regular at Jennette’s Pier in North Carolina found a fish with seemingly ‘human’ teeth which has been identified as a ‘sheepshead fish’.

The fish’s name is as such due to the mouth resembling that of a sheep, with photos of the catch with its mouth open exhibiting multiple rows of molars which are meant to catch and crush prey.

Posted by Jennette's Pier on Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Nathan Martin, the man who caught the fish, told a local news station that the fish not only posed a fight but it also tastes very good.

What would you do if you caught a fish like this?