Spotify removes shuffle from default thanks to Adele

 - Celebrities - Nov 22
Spotify removes shuffle from default thanks to Adele

Music streaming giant Spotify removed the shuffle option from all of Adele’s albums on the platform, including ’30’. For the singer, after a six year hiatus, it was crucial that fans listen to the songs on her newly released album in order. She therefore asked the music platform for its help. 

Posting to Twitter, Adele explained how her only request for the new album’s launch was that Spotify remove the shuffle from default option. ‘This was the only request I had in our ever changing industry’ she said.The singer continued to explain that ‘we don’t create albums with so much care and thought into our track listing for no reason. Our art tells a story and our stories should be listened to as we intended. 

Spotify responded with a Tweet, simply stating ‘Anything for you’. Some thought that the singer had taken away the shuffle option forever, but this isn’t the case at all. Gizmodo reviewed other artist’s albums on the platform (Ed Sheeran, BTS, etc) and found that people can still activate the shuffle option in the Spotify player while playing an individual song from an album. 


Photo Source: Hype Beast, DW

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