Spotify Founder Daniel Ek says he has ‘secured funds’ to buy Arsenal

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Spotify’s founder and CEO Daniel Ek has expressed that he is “very serious” about purchasing Arsenal, despite current owner Kroenke ruling out the sale of the English football club.

Ek first took to Twitter to express his desire to purchase the club, stating that he has been a fan since childhood and has now stated to have a “very compelling offer” for the club, going on to highlight that he has secured funding for the purchase.

As it stands, Arsenal’s current ownership has maintained its position that it is not selling a stake, reiterating their commitment to the club.


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River of Love denies being against COVID-19 vaccine

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On Wednesday evening, River of Love Senior Pastor Gordon-John Manché took to Facebook to clarify that the community leaves its members at liberty to choose whether they wish to take the COVID-19 vaccine or not.

This comes after MEP Cyrus Engerer posted about allegedly receiving messages from the movement’s members urging him to vote against the certification of the COVID-19 vaccine and tests and that vaccine recipients ‘take the devil’s number’.

Jiċħad li r-River of Love hija kontra t-tilqima tal-Covid-19

Posted by Gordon-John Manché on Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Manché stated that the River of Love does not get involved in such issues and expressed his disappointment with Cyrus Engerer and asked if the MEP would react in the same way had it been from a different religious community.



Authorities investigating thrombosis case in COVID-19 vaccine recipient

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The Malta Medicines Authority is currently investigating the possibility of a link between a thrombosis case and a COVID-19 vaccine after a 58-year-old suffered from the issue only weeks after taking the first COVID-19 vaccine jab.

The individual is reported to have received the first jab slightly over two weeks ago and the Medicines Authority is investigating whether or not there may be a link between the two as the person remains in stable condition, according to the Health Ministry.

Local authorities, along with the European Medicines Authority maintain their position that the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the rare risks.


Photo Source: Polina Tankilevitch

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Florida school bans vaccinated teachers from contact with students

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Florida school bans vaccinated teachers from contact with students

A school in Florida has decided to ban vaccinated teachers from having any contact with pupils. Citing fails vaccine claims that the effects of the jab can be passed on to non-vaccinated people, a private school in Miami called The Centner Academy urged its staff to not get the vaccine and warned that any staff member getting the jab may lose their job.

School co-founder Leila Centner issued a statement that until clinical trials of vaccine were completed, the school could not allow contact between staff and students in fear of transmitting the vaccines’ effects. Staff members have even been asked to fill in confidential forms which reveal their vaccination status under threat of legal measures should they refuse to disclose information.


Photo Source: Karolina Grabowska

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