Spiders can ‘hear’ using their webs new study suggests

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Spiders can ‘hear’ using their webs new study suggests

Spider-Man’s ‘Spidey Sense’ just got kicked up a notch as a newly released scientific study suggests that spiders can ‘hear’ through their web designs. 

Spiders have been found to effectively hear predators and prey thanks to intricate ‘tuning’ systems using web strings. 

Orb-weaving spiders can use the minute vibrations felt through the web and thus help them detect sounds and react accordingly. And these sounds, the New York Binghampton University study suggests, are picked up by hairs on the arachnid’s legs.

Insects are literally deaf due to them lacking eardrums, but spiders instead use highly sensitive hairs to pick up local vibrations such as sound from their webs.

As part of the research, orb-spiders were collected from windows on the campus of the university and they were each given time to build a web within a soundproof room. 

The team would then play sounds into the room, to which the spiders reacted accordingly. The spiders were also found to detect where the sound is coming from. Four of twelve spiders even responded to the extremely weak signal through web detection. 

The spiders would change body positions in order to alternate the tension of the web. This ‘tuned’ the web so the spider was able to hear specific sounds, in a way humans would tune a radio. 


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Pope Francis meets and blesses ALS activist Bjorn Formosa

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Pope Francis meets and blesses ALS activist Bjorn Formosa

During his visit to the island of Malta, Pope Francis got to meet and also bless local ALS activist Bjorn Formosa in Rabat. 

In an incredibly touching encounter, Pope Francis met with Bjorn and his wife Maria and blessed the couple who broke into tears during the meeting. 


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Writing to social media, Bjorn revealed that he asked His Holiness to bless the neurological homes; Dar Bjorn Qormi and Zebbug. ‘What an unforgettable experience!’ stated Formosa, with the crowd erupting into applause as the Pope blessed the local hero for many. 

Bjorn, alongside his wife Maria, is one of Malta’s most prominent ALS activists, working tirelessly to build homes for persons with ALS and other neurological conditions. 

On his last day on the island, the Pope will continue by meeting migrants in Hal Far and by delivering mass at the Granaries to thousands of Christians. He will be leaving Malta at around 5:50pm today. 


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Pope on his way to visit migrants and Granaries mass

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Pope on his way to visit migrants and Granaries mass

Starting off the last day of his visit to Malta with a private meeting with the Jesuit order, Pope Francis will be making his way to meet migrants hosted at the Peace Lab later today. 

He first made his way to St Paul’s Grotto in Rabat for prayers, in a site venerated since medieval times as the place just outside of the city of Melita. This is where St Paul is said to have stayed during his stay in Malta in 60 AD.

The Pope will then be leaving Rabat to celebrate Mass at the Granaries, which is set to welcome at least 12,000 people and 300 international journalists. Following this, the Pope will meet migrants at the ‘John XXIII Peace Lab’ in Hal Far.

He will leave the island in the evening after a farewell ceremony at the Malta International Airport at 5:50pm. 


Photo Source: Mark Soler

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Maltese artist finishes two songs with Martin Garrix after being found on Tiktok

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Maltese artist releases two songs with Martin Garrix after being found on Tiktok

The dream of every single artist is to escape the confines of their makeshift bedroom studio and get their music to as many ears as possible and Maltese singer-songwriter Shaun Farrugia is doing just that.

From pursuing a career in real estate in Malta to working with huge names like Sigala, The Script, Martin Jensen and so many more, Shaun’s career is truly flourishing beyond our shores. His latest tracks come in the form of a few leaks on a Martin Garrix Instagram fan page.

The fan account shares two clips of the superstar DJ playing two collaborations with the Maltese artist at the world-famous Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The post also shares that Garrix actually found Shaun on TikTok, where the artist would post clips singing some of his own original work!

Congratulations Shaun!


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