Spider-Man No Way Home with third biggest box office opening in history

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Spider-Man No Way Home with third biggest box office opening in history

The third instalment to the web-slinger’s official MCU presence, Spider-Man No Way Home has had the third biggest box office opening in all of history. 

It managed to rake a whopping $587.2 million around the world, bested only by Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. But that’s not really an issue for Holland as he appeared in both those films as well, with Marvel leading the charge. 

This is made even more impressive considering that the movie is releasing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the surge of the Omicron variant. 

According to Sky News, the film has already taken $253 million in the US and $334.2 million form around 60 overseas markets. It is currently on course to surpass the current highest grossing film of 2021, No Time To Die. 

With a superb cast in terms of heroes and villains, theories about the film raged like wild-fire. It’s success seemed inevitable, with Marvel clearly doing right by the friendly neighbourhood hero. 

Rotten Tomatoes currently has a 94% critic score and a 99% audience score. Holland himself thanked the fans for the massive support, promising a heart-warming, enticing and surprisingly mature take on the hero. 


Photo Source: Den Of Geek, quicktelecast

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€300,000 in taxes and fines for Labour MP Ian Castaldi Paris

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€300,000 in taxes and fines for Labour MP Ian Castaldi Paris

MP Ian Castaldi Paris will have to pay around €300,000 in overdue taxes and penalties following a probe into his fiscal affairs found hundred of thousands in undeclared income. 

Times of Malta confirmed that Castaldi was handed a repayment agreement by tax authorities in recent weeks after months of talks. The agreement comes after the notary was probed by the Tax Compliance Unit after concerns were raised by a local bank two years ago. 

Insisting the he was the subject of a standard audit covering the years before he was elected, he also said that he paid taxes every year and did not start paying tax because he decided to contest elections. 

Castaldi was asked whether he informed the Parliamentary Speaker of his updated financial position as is obliged, with the MP responding that there was no need to inform the speaker of anything. 

‘I have been an MP since May 2020 an my parliamentary declaration of assets always reflected the truth, so there is nothing to inform the speaker about’ve said. Times of Malta checked with parliament earlier this month, discovering that his filings had not yet been updated. 


Photo Source: Ian Castaldi Paris FB

Malta’s El Chapo beat up person and left them naked in the street

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Malta’s El Chapo beat up person and left them naked in the street

Jordan Azzopardi, known as El Chapo of Malta, has received a 7 month jail sentence after having been found guilty for beating up a man and leaving him naked out in the street.

The 32-year-old from Iklin was accused of threatening a man and a woman back in June 2015, causing the man grievous injuries. 

He initially plead not guilty when he was arraigned in Court. However, after police presented their evidence and he was arraigned, he chose to plead guilty. 

Magistrate Nadine Lia pointed out that Azzopardi did not express remorse for his behaviour, having never apologised to his victims and never compensated for the damage he caused. She noted how he pleaded guilty only when the case was almost finished after 33 sittings. 

She pointed out how this was not a fight between friends but was ‘premeditated and planned on a person whom they sought out and beat up in the street in public view. In fact he ended up naked in the street.’ 

It was also revealed that there was an attempt to drag the victim into a car where the accused was for further beatings but the man managed to escape. The victim had to recover in hospital due to have broken bones and grievous injures. 


Photo Source: MaltaToday

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WATCH: Celebrate sustainability with 15% off your coffee this Christmas

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Celebrate sustainability with 15% off your coffee this Christmas

Costa Coffee are bringing the festive spirit through a sustainable initiative… and you can get 15% off in all of their stores! 

Costa’s new advert was a heart-warming perspective towards the Christmas atmosphere, earning heaps of praise for their ability to weave in festivity, sustainability and customer satisfaction all in one. With a Christmas tree built out of Costa Travel Mugs, the advert shows how with some extra effort, one can recycle and still enjoy a hot brew.

All you have to do is bring in any travel mug into the store to contribute to a green mission and make the Costa Cup Christmas Tree even larger. 


Photo Source: Costa Coffee FB

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