South End Core condemn spontaneous celebrations in Ħamrun

Jan 28 2021 Share

South End Core has released an official press statement condemning the spontaneous break out of celebration in Ħamrun after their win against Valletta.

South End Core also remark the possibility of this outbreak possibly being avoided had stadiums remained open and followed restrictive measures.

They also warn against future instances like these, during the upcoming local leagues, where celebrations might be bigger, they are thus asking for the reconsideration of the opening of stadiums.


Immigrant relocation continues through first month of 2021

Jan 28 2021 Share

After talks of sharing the burden with other EU countries, immigrant relocation is continuing on through the first month of 2021. Some immigrants were sent to other EU countries while others were sent back to their home countries.

PM Robert Abela shared Sigurtà’s post and said that the best way to tackle this phenomenon is to seek aid from the EU as well as the immigrants’ origin countries.

F’Jannar tkompla x-xogħol fuq ir-rilokazzjoni ta' iżjed immigranti irregolari lejn pajjiżi oħra tal-Unjoni Ewropea….

Posted by Robert Abela on Thursday, 28 January 2021



Eve Borg Bonello files police report against online slander after posting photo on Facebook

Jan 28 2021 Share

Nationalist Party activist and President of Team Start PN, Eve Borg Bonello uploaded a post on social media with a photo of herself taking part in a rubbish clean-up organised by PN youth group Team Start at Fort Chambray on which she wrote, “Miexja lura minn Kastilja”.

A couple of pictures from yesterday’s Team Start clean up in Fort Chambray, Gozo ♻️Thanks for the continuous support…

Posted by Eve Borg Bonello on Monday, 25 January 2021

This comment created a whirlpool of controversy and a number of people took to the comments section where a lot of hate speech was left.

Eve Borg Bonello went to the police’s Hate Crime & Speech unit to file a report. Borg Bonello said that she already has open cases in court over similar situations that happened in the past.



The biggest CrossFit competition has landed on the Maltese Islands! Are you up for it?

Jan 28 2021 Share

Two of the biggest CrossFit boxes here in Malta, Crossfit356 & CrossfitF15 teamed up to present to you The Malta Throwdown which will definitely be the biggest CrossFit event to hit the Islands.

The first edition will have the following categories:
Individual Male/Female Rx
Individual Male/Female scaled
Teams of 3 (2 Males, 1 Female)

This competition will be your chance to test your fitness among top European athletes and to have a chance to compete under the Maltese sun ☀️

More details to be announced soon on @themalta_throwdown.