SOS Malta set up 50 tents for Turkey earthquake victims

SOS Malta set up 50 tents for Turkey earthquake victims
Mar 20 2023 Share

SOS Malta, a registered Maltese voluntary organisation, has set up 50 tents in Reyhanli, Hatay to receive homeless families after the devastating earthquake in Turkey. 

The organisation explained in a social media statement that the area has been fitted with water and sanitation facilities. 

Every tent has electricity installed and is fitted with all basic needs. Meanwhile, two larger tents will serve as a classroom as well as a prayer room respectively. 

‘This is OUR solidarity and YOUR generosity for which we Thank You’ they explained. ‘SOS Malta’s Emergency response once again has shown that Together we can make a Difference.’ 

SOS Malta is a Maltese-registered Voluntary Organisation set up in 1991, which aims to aid people experiencing times of crisis and to empower them by providing support services and opportunities to implement development and change in their country.

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Most Gen Z kids don’t believe they need a degree for a successful career

Most Gen Z kids don't believe they need a degree for a successful career
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Many Gen Z-ers do not think a college degree is necessary to have either a successful career. 

According to a global study, around 40% of Gen Z kids (anyone said to be born between 1997 and 2012) believe that college degrees are not necessary. 

The study consisted of over 7,000 workers conducted by freelancing job platform Fiverr in partnership with Censuswide. 70% stated that they consider freelancing just as viable as a career option as a traditional nine-to-five. 

‘The autonomy freelancing affords serves as a major draw for a generation eager to pursue their passions, hone their skills, and have more control over their earnings and career trajectory’, wrote Fiverr’s chief marketing officer Gali Arnon. 

Even consultancy firm Gartner reported how in 2023, critical roles will be filled by organisations becoming more comfortable assessing candidates on their ability to perform rather than credentials. 

Meanwhile, Fortune 500 companies like Google and Apple have been avoiding their degree requirements in recent years. In November 2022, just 41% of US based job postings required a bachelor’s degree. This is a 5% drop from 2019. 

This is not even a pandemic repercussion. In 2016, IBM coined the term ‘new collar jobs’, which refers to roles requiring specific, teachable skills rather than degrees. 

Skills are thus becoming the new degrees, with the fast pace of the labour market requiring alternative, flexible and adaptable employees. 


French parents could be banned from over-sharing photos of their kids

French parents could be banned from over-sharing photos of their kids
Mar 20 2023 Share

French MPs have just approved legislation which will prevent parents from posting photos of their kids onto the internet in a bid to protect their privacy.

The proposed legislation was put forth earlier this month at l’Assemblee Nationale by MP Bruno Studer, who forms part of President Emmanuel Macron’s party.

The law targets what is known as ‘sharenting’ online, with one of the clauses aiming to make parents responsible for the privacy rights of their children who cannot consent to their images being uploaded online. 

In the most extreme of cases, a family judge can even take away a parent’s right to share images of their child if deemed excessive or harmful. 

Studer said that the message to parents is that ‘their job is to protect their children’s privacy. On average, children have 1,300 photos of themselves circulating on social media platforms before the age off 13 before they are even allowed to have an account.’ 

Studer has been the mind behind two groundbreaking pieces of legislation in France surrounding child safety. 

One required smartphone and tablet manufacturers to give parents the option to control children’s internet access. Another introduced legal protections for YouTube child stars. 

The bill still needs to go through a plenary session next week and the Senate before it would become official law. 

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Altercations in Parliament

Altercations in Parliament
Mar 19 2023 Share

During the past hours, PN MP Rebekah Borg claimed that a Labour MP, filmed what was happening in Parliament and that another PL MP, for some reason pushed her out of the way whilst she was filming.

@netnewsmalta MP Rebekah Borg reveals what happened Thursday in Parliament 🗣️ #malta #maltatiktok #foryou #fyp #maltagov #robertabela #netlive #debate #parliament #steward #vitals ♬ original sound – Net News Malta

After this serious statement and allegation made by Rebekah Borg, Labour newspaper ‘Kulhadd’ and One News published what looks like photos taken by someone from the PL side of Parliament.

These photos seem to confirm Rebekah Borg’s claim but also shed light on heated arguments that took place in Parliament when the Parliament TV cameras were off.

No official statement has yet been published by either party or by Parliament about the matter.


Photo/Video Credit: One News / KullHadd / Net News.

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