Some Main Points From Local Council Elections So Far

Some Main Points From Local Council Elections So Far
Jun 13 2024 Share

In the 2024 local council elections in Malta, Labour retained control of Valletta, appointing Olaf McKay as the new mayor, who narrowly defeated the incumbent Alfred Zammit by 32 votes.

The Nationalist Party (PN) managed to flip St Paul’s Bay, where former PN minister Censu Galea led the victory. ADPD leader Sandra Gauci also secured a seat in St Paul’s Bay.

Labour held a majority in 14 out of the 23 localities counted on Wednesday, while the PN made significant gains, adding seats in Dingli, Qrendi, Birżebbuġa, Fontana, Xewkija, and Żurrieq, and nearly flipping Pembroke.

The overall vote gap between the two main parties stands at 14%, with Labour capturing one-third more votes than the PN.

In Mellieħa, the council is balanced between four Labour and four PN councillors, with independent candidate Matthew Borg Cuschieri as the deciding vote.

In Żebbuġ, Steve Zammit Lupi and his mother Lillibeth Zammit Lupi, both independents, were elected, making the council composition four Labour, three PN, and two independents.

In Gozo, 19-year-old Simona Refalo, daughter of Labour minister Anton Refalo, became the mayor of Xewkija. The elections saw a turnout across 67 localities, with a total of 471 councillors being elected. The vote counting continues, with results from other localities expected in the following days.

More details:

Birżebbuġa (PL Majority)

In Birżebbuġa, Scott Camilleri (PL) serves as Mayor. The PL councillors are Josette Busutill, Alexander Caruana, Ivan Grech Abela, Maria Mifsud, and Rohasia Zammit. The PN councillors are Johann Borg, Mark Doneo Debono, and Karel Zahra.

Dingli (PL Majority)

Dingli’s Mayor is Raymond Schembri (PL). The PL councillors include Miguel Abela and Ryan Tanti, while the PN councillors are Jean Paul Barbara and Jean-Toin Magri.

Fontana (PN Majority)

Thomas Mizzi (PN) is the Mayor of Fontana. Other PN councillors are Ivana Mizzi and Joseph Mercieca. The PL councillors are Horace Micallef and Carmelo Micallef.

Għajnsielem (PN Majority)

In Għajnsielem, Kevin Cauchi (PN) holds the position of Mayor. The PN councillors are Joseph Debono, Stephen Mercieca, and Teddy Saliba. Larry Buttigieg and Silvano Spiteri represent the PL.

Għasri (PL Majority)

Għasri’s council is led by PL councillors Daniel Attard, Elizabeth Mintoff, and Sammy Saliba. The PN representatives are David Felice Pace and Emanuel Mintoff.

Iklin (PN Majority)

Dorian Scibberas (PN) serves as the Mayor of Iklin. Other PN councillors are Yvonne Bartolo and Mary Grace Gusman. The PL councillors are Mario Fenech and Matthew Fenech.

Marsa (PL Majority)

Luke Farrugia (PL) is the Mayor of Marsa. The PL councillors include Joseph Azzopardi, Joseph Cachia, Anthony Meilak, Joseph Scerri, and Dominic Spencer. Gloria Aquilina represents the PN.

Mellieħa (No Majority)

In Mellieħa, the PL councillors are John Buttigieg, Rebecca Bartolo Cutajar, Kurt Buttigied, and Jude Cauchi. The PN councillors are Emvin Bartolo, Corinne Castillo, Loridana Darmanin, and Gabriel Micallef. Independent councillor Matthew Borg Cuschieri also serves.

Mqabba (PL Majority)

Mqabba’s Mayor is Marie Grace Zerafa (PL). The PL councillors are Jonathan Dingli and Patrick Ghigo, while the PN councillors are Noel Galea and Owen Scibberas.

Nadur (PN Majority)

Eucharist Camilleri (PN) serves as the Mayor of Nadur. The PN councillors include Kevin Curmi and Edward Said. The PL councillors are Rebecca Vella and Corey Cardona.

Pembroke (PL Majority)

Kaylon Zammit (PL) is the Mayor of Pembroke. The PL councillors include Adrian Ellul and Raymond Lanzon. The PN representatives are Therise Abela and Charles Cesare.

Qrendi (PL Majority)

David Michael Schembri (PL) serves as Mayor of Qrendi. The PL councillors are Marion Parnis and Anthea Sacco. The PN councillors are Nina Skye Briffa and Karmenu Farrugia.

San Ġiljan (PN Majority)

San Ġiljan’s Mayor is Gabriel Borg Ferrando (PN). Other PN councillors are Patricia Camilleri, Guido Dalli, Sean Gauci, Victor Vella, and Rita Dimech Portelli. The PL councillors are Mario Amaira, David Caruana, and Carlo Mifsud.

San Pawl il-Baħar (PN Majority)

In San Pawl il-Baħar, Censu Galea (PN) is the Mayor. The PN councillors are Alexander Agius, Chris Vella Petroni, Anne Marie Fenech, Rachel Antoinette Williams, Antoinette Bezzina, and Sandra Smart Constantino. The PL councillors are Alan Bugeja, Daryl Connor, Alfred Grima, Joseph Matthew Attard, and Clevion Micallef. Sandra Gauci represents the ADPD.

Santa Venera (PL Majority)

Santa Venera’s Mayor is Gianluca Falzon (PL). The PL councillors include Darren Grech, Stephen Sultana, and Silvio Vella. The PN councillors are Karl Carabott, Roberta Sultana, and Joseph Vella.

Ta’ Xbiex (PL Majority)

Max Zammit (PL) serves as the Mayor of Ta’ Xbiex. The PL councillors are Sarah Borg and Ronnie Portelli. The PN councillors are Louise Cachia Castaletti and Gino Muscat.

Tarxien (PL Majority)

Joseph Abela Galea (PL) is the Mayor of Tarxien. Other PL councillors are Easier D’Amato, Nicole Farrugia, Neil Portelli, and Darlene Vella. The PN councillors are Anabella Marmara and Glenn Gerald Urry.

Valletta (PL Majority)

Valletta’s Mayor is Olaf Mc Kay (PL). The PL councillors are Raymond Azzopardi, Daniel Diacono, and Alfred Zammit. The PN councillors include Roberta Bonello, Vincent Fabri, and Elena Montfort.

Xewkija (PL Majority)

Simona Refalo (PL) serves as Mayor of Xewkija. Other PL councillors are Paul Azzopardi and George Zammit. The PN councillors are Jeanelle Attard and Josef Charles Hili.

Żebbuġ (No Majority)

In Żebbuġ, the PL councillors are Joseph Agius, Paul Baldacchino, Godwin Grech, and Ayrton Mizzi. The PN councillors include Mario Attard, George Cortis, and Paul Mazzola. Independent councillors are Lilibeth Zammit Lupi and Steve Zammit Lupi.

Żejtun (PL Majority)

Joan Agius (PL) is the Mayor of Żejtun. Other PL councillors are Christian Attard, Anthony Aquilina, Raymond Caruana, Dorcas Camilleri, and Ivan Giardina. The PN councillors are Enya Abela and Roderick Caruana.

Żurrieq (PL Majority)

In Żurrieq, Rita Grima (PL) serves as Mayor. The PL councillors include Jeremy Coleiro, Ignatius Farrugia, Marisa D’Amato, Kenneth Farrugia, and Daniel-Michael Muscat. The PN councillors are Dino Bonnici, Kyle Mifsud, and Marylyn Sammut.


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Kruiven Farrugia Breaks Record With Dar Bjorn Run

Kruiven Farrugia Breaks Record With Dar Bjorn Run
Jun 13 2024 Share

The Malta Records recently awarded Kruiven Farrugia after the 10 year old boy once again worked to raise funds for ALS activist Bjorn Formosa’s Dar Bjorn.

Kruiven became the youngest local boy to run the longest distance at 7km with a time of 27 minutes and 33 seconds.

The run took place on the 7th of June, 2024, but Kruiven has been doing similar marathons in aid of Dar Bjorn from a much younger age.

Well done Kruiven!


Man Armed With Knife Robs Shop In Balzan

Man Armed With Knife Robs Shop In Balzan
Jun 13 2024 Share

Today, at around 0600hrs, police were informed that a robbery had taken place in Triq il-Kbira, Ħal Balzan.

Police convened immediately on site and preliminary investigations found that a man, reportedly armed with a knife, entered a shop and demanded money from the cashier, a 49 year old woman.

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The man escaped the scene of the crime after stealing an amount of cash.

No one was injured and police are still searching for the culprit. An inquiry has been opened and investigations are ongoing.


Persons At Risk Of Falling Into Poverty In Malta Decreases

Persons At Risk Of Falling Into Poverty In Malta Decreases
Jun 13 2024 Share

A recent survey by the National Statistics Office (NSO) reveals that 88,462 individuals in Malta lived below the at-risk-of-poverty line of €11,364 in 2023, translating to a 16.6% at-risk-of-poverty (ARP) rate, a slight decrease from the previous year.

The European Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) survey, which annually assesses private households in Malta and Gozo, provided this data.

The ARP rate for children under 18 increased by 2.7 percentage points to 22%, while it slightly decreased to 12.1 % for adults aged 18-64 and to 29% for seniors aged 65 and over. The average gross household income for 2022 was estimated at €46,976, with the average disposable income at €37,275.

In 2023, the severe material and social deprivation (SMSD) rate among households was 4.1%, a decrease from the previous year’s 4.9%. Major deprivation factors included the inability to afford a week’s annual holiday (30%) and unexpected financial expenses (15.9%).

The AROPE rate, encompassing those at risk of poverty, severely deprived, or in low work intensity households, dropped to 19.8%.

Despite improvements, significant challenges remain, especially for households struggling with basic needs such as meals and unexpected expenses.

Respondents at risk of poverty or social exclusion reported lower satisfaction with life, financial situation, job, and personal relationships compared to those not at risk. However, slight increases in satisfaction scores were noted from 2022 to 2023.

Employment income constituted 85.1% of total gross household income, with social benefits at 12.5%.


Source: NSO