Sole surviving member of Hilary Team says Mount Everest is too crowded and dirty

Mar 3 2024 Share

The lone surviving member of the mountaineering expedition that successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest has expressed concerns over the overcrowding and pollution plaguing the world’s highest peak.

Kanchha Sherpa, aged 91, was part of the 35-member team that assisted New Zealander Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay in conquering the 8,849-meter (29,032-ft) peak on May 29, 1953.

“It would be better for the mountain to reduce the number of climbers,” Kanchha said in an interview in Kathmandu on Saturday. “Right now, there is always a big crowd of people at the summit.”

Since the historic Hillary-Tenzing expedition, Mount Everest has been climbed thousands of times, leading to increased congestion each year. In the spring climbing season of 2023, a total of 667 climbers successfully scaled the peak, accompanied by numerous support staff who congregated at the base camp from March to May.

Concerns have arisen regarding the prolonged presence of individuals on the mountain, yet authorities have not proposed reducing the number of climbing permits issued.

Regulations mandate climbers to carry down all their waste, gear, and belongings from the mountain, with the threat of forfeiting their deposit if they fail to comply. However, monitoring and enforcement of these rules have proven ineffective.


Local Animal Rights Activist Rescues Stray Dog

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Local animal rights activist and volunteer Christa Cilia has rescued a stray emaciated Pharaoh hounds, the Maltese breed of hounding dogs.

The hound who was later named Nenu by Cilia herself, was first seen at Għar Lapsi on Friday. The following day, Cilia returned to Għar Lapsi armed with a dog trap and managed to capture the dog herself.

She emphasized her plea not to chase frightened dogs, as it only exacerbates the situation. After several hours, the dog was successfully trapped, and Cilia shared an emotional update, underscoring its dire condition.

In a Facebook post, Christa revealed that she took Nenu to the vet for a full check up where it was confirmed that he is anemic, dehydrated, and tested positive to Ehrlichiosis – a disease which develops after being bitten by an infected tick.

Cilia expressed her belief that Nenu’s survival chances were slim had he remained on the streets, highlighting his dire condition of starvation. She announced her decision to personally foster Nenu, noting his critical state.

Later on she updated her fans with another post showing Nenu cozied up in a blanket after sleeping in his new home.


Amazon becomes the first and only company to lose $1 trillion

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Back in November 2022 despite being a humongous and very successful company, Amazon became the first and only company to lose $1 trillion.

The tech corporation experienced a staggering $1 trillion loss following a significant drop in its market valuation in 2022. Specifically, on November 9th, the company witnessed a 4.3 percent decline, causing its market worth to decrease to approximately $879 billion.

To provide context, it’s crucial to recall that in July 2021, the company boasted a market value of approximately $1.88 trillion.

Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky had previously told Reuters: “We are seeing signs all around that, again, people’s budgets are tight, inflation is still high, energy costs are an additional layer on top of that caused by other issues.

“We are preparing for what could be a slower growth period, like most companies.”

During that period, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index, Amazon founder  Jeff Bezos dropped  to the position of the fourth wealthiest individual globally as a result of this decline. However after 2 years Bezos has recovered his second spot yet again.


New San Ġwann Pollinator Garden Celebrates Maltese Honeybee

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The San Ġwann Local Council and Project Green collaborated to transform a neglected 1,000-square-meter area into Ġnien id-Dakkara (Pollinator Garden), situated on the outskirts of San Ġwann.

The garden aims to raise awareness about pollination and support the Maltese honeybee population. Minister Miriam Dalli, Mayor Trevor Fenech, and Project Green CEO Joseph Cuschieri inaugurated the garden, emphasizing its importance for the community.

Ġnien id-Dakkara serves as both a sanctuary for bees and an educational space for visitors to learn about pollination. It features a variety of trees and shrubs selected to promote bee activity. The garden layout follows a simple hexagonal design, with wooden platforms and outdoor seating for visitors.

This project reflects the commitment of the San Ġwann community to create green spaces within the neighborhood. Mayor Fenech highlighted the garden’s role as a recreational area and a learning center for children to understand the importance of bees.

Beverly Costa, COO of Project Green, emphasized the collaborative effort involved in creating the garden and expressed a commitment to continue developing similar projects for communities.