Sliema Waterpolo Pitch Flooded Ahead Of Forecasted Storm

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Sliema Waterpolo Pitch Flooded Ahead Of Forecasted Storm

As Malta braces for another few days of stormy weather, the Sliema waterpolo pitch was flooded after it was hit by strong waves and winds ahead of ‘Thunderstorm Daniel.’ 

A video shared to this newsroom and being forwarded on social media shows waves crashing into the Sliema pitch on Tuesday, with the deckchairs getting swept away by the waves. 


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The Meteorological office has forecasted a stormy week ahead, with rain showers, high force winds and some lightning and thunder being expected. 

The expected storm has also led to the postponement and reshuffling of events around the island, with even EuroPride organisers moving the opening ceremony and after party on Thursday will be moved to Ta’ Qali MFCC. 


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Maltese Franchise eeetwell Opens Outlet In London

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Maltese Franchise eeetwell Opens Outlet In London

Maltese franchise eeetwell have continued their expansion by opening a new outlet in London, UK. 

‘Big update, bigger city’, eeetwell announced. ‘We’re growing in London. We hope you don’t mind, but we’re planting ourselves in your iconic city, and it’s about to get tastier than ever!’ 


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The new outlet will be bringing a ‘new shade of green to the heart of beautiful Notting Hill’, and builds on their branches already established in Dubai, Milano, Belgium and France. 

‘Prepare your taste buds for a flavour-packed adventure of pure sustainable indulgence. We’ve never compromised on our food, and neither will our Londonders… catch you soon.’ 



Maltese Among Europe’s Most Likely To Leave Parents Home Late

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Maltese Among Europe's Most Likely To Leave Parents Home Late

According to a survey held by Eurostat in 2022, Maltese youths were found to be among Europe’s eldest citizens to leave their parent’s homes.

The Maltese youths registered the sixth highest average in terms of leaving their parental homes later in life, with an average age of 30.1 years. 

Maltese men registered an average age of 30.5, whereas Maltese women registered a slightly younger age of 29.8 years old. The overall European average is 26.4 years, with males having a 27.3 average and women 25.4. 

The highest average age were recorded in Croatia at 33.4 years, followed by Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria and Spain. Malta was closely followed by Italy. 

On the other hand, Finland registered the lowest average age at 21.3 years, followed by Sweden, Denmark and Sweden. 

‘The widest gender gap was found in Romania, where young men left at 29.9 years and women at 25.4 years (4.5-year gender gap), followed by Bulgaria (4.1-year gap), with men moving out at 32.3 years and women at 28.2 years. In contrast, Luxembourg (0.5-year gap), Sweden (0.6), Denmark and Malta (both 0.7) recorded the narrowest gaps between young men and women leaving the parental home.’ 


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Malta The Country With Highest Body Confidence In The World

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Malta The Country With Highest Body Confidence In The World

In a recently conducted global survey quizzing over 56,000 people from 65 nations worldwide, it was found that people in Malta are the most confident in their bodies. 

The study, conducted by researchers from Anglia Ruskin University, found that Malta, followed by Taiwan, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan, was most happy in terms of the population’s body image. 

This was contrasted by Australia, who topped the list in terms of being not confident about their body image, followed by India, the UK and Ireland. 

Professor Viren Swami, lead author of the study, said the study found how people who live in countries culturally different to the United States appear to have broadly greater body appreciation. 

‘People who live in urban areas may feel stronger pressure to conform to body ideals promoted by Western society’, he exclaimed. He also noted how people who were single exclaimed higher body positivity more broadly. 

What do you make of this?


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