“Situation at St Albert the Great College is now critical”, teachers union says

"Situation at St Albert the Great College is now critical", teachers union says
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The Malta Union of Teachers has stated that the situation at St. Albert the Great college is now ‘critical’, with many pressing issues still pending ahead of the start of the 2022 scholastic year.

The Union flagged a number of issues, namely that it is operating without a license “thanks to the decisions taken by the rector and board” and the rector is allegedly giving ‘false’ assurances to the school community.

“Meanwhile, to date, he has not even yet run the school’s timetable in the dedicated system. Preparations for the reopening are other than in place but are several weeks behind schedule,” the Union stated.

Additionally, the mUT highlighted how the rector’s decisions in the past weeks led to multiple resignations of teachers, LSEs, senior management and administrative staff, with parents seek assurances and getting empty promises.

The Malta Union of Teachers said that they are replying to a legal letter sent from the rector’s lawyers requesting the lifting of the trade dispute and respective directors, with the union standing by their decision. It went on to once again call for the rector and  board’s resignation or termination from office.


Gay & bisexual men can now donate blood after Malta lifts controversial ban

Gay & bisexual men can now donate blood after Malta lifts controversial ban
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Gay and bisexual men can now donate blood after Malta officially lifted the controversial ban disallowing such donations.

In a Facebook post published earlier today, Prime Minister Robert Abela stated that Pride Week should serve as an opportunity to proudly look back on the past few years whilst understanding that the battle towards equality is one which never ends.

“Today we are going to implement another electoral proposal with new protocols for blood donation. We will have more just protocols that remove all forms of discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people where the parameters for blood donation are equal for everyone.”

Abela went on to state that such reforms remain on top of the Government’s agenda.


Abner Aquilina wanted to be sexually involved with corpse; requested presidential pardon

Shocking revelations as the Abner Aquilina case continues
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During today’s continued compilation of evidence against Abner Aquilina, it was revealed that the 20-year-old requested presidential pardon into one of the officer’s body cams.

Expert witness psychiatrist Joe Cassar, together with his two colleagues, conducted a psychological analysis on Aquilina and concluded that he remembers most of the crime. The psychiatrists also confirmed that he wanted to be sexually involved with the corpse.

Police constable Danny Schembri stated that he was instructed to keep aquilina arrested.

29-year-old Paulina Dembska was raped and murdered in Sliema on January 2nd 2022; footage shows Dembska walking towards Sliema after going separate ways from a male companion who went towards St. Julian’s. The footage also shows a number of people intimidated by Aquilina’s actions.


Major step in fight against cancer as scientists ‘stop growth of melanoma cells’

Major step in fight against cancer as scientists 'stop growth of melanoma cells'
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Scientists in the United States have reportedly made a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer after discovering a new way to stop the growth of melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer.

The Malta Medical Journal reports that the standardised incidence for primary invasive cutaneous malignant melanoma in Malta went up to 10.1 per 100,000 population per year for males and 12.1 for females in 2017.

It was reported that the scientists’ discovery of a metabolic enzyme looks promising in its capability to kill cancerous cells and stop tumour growth, despite being in its early days.

The findings highlighted how melanoma can’t survive without an enzyme called GCDH – and by inhibiting the enzyme, a protein called NRF2 would be able to suppress cancerous cells.

The leader of the study, Professor Ze’ev Ronai explained how the team’s goal is to find a drug, or drugs, which suppress GCDH activity. By finding the drug, the scientists would be able to create a serious weapon against melanoma.


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