Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre recevies new CT Scan machine

 - Local - Sep 15

During today’s press conference addressed by Health Minister Chris Fearne at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre, it was revealed that the oncology centre has received a new CT Scan machine.

Fearne stated that in addition to the €60,000,000 dedicated to cancer treatments since last election, the new machine is worth €500,000 and it is thanks to the Maltese government and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

During the conference, Minister Fearne also addressed the country’s current situation with regards to the pandemic and went on to tackle the current COVID-19 restriction, including Malta’s acceptance of the Canadian vaccine certificate.

Watch the conference LIVE here:

The Minister also revealed that, following a significant amount of pressure from the media and the public, vaccinated Maltese residents arriving from ‘dark-red’ countries will be able to quarantine at home, rather than at the quarantine hotel.


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