Simone Biles returns to Olympics and immediately wins bronze

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Last week Simone Biles announced to the world that she will be forfeiting from her events to instead take care of her mental health. The gymnast had a quiet change of heart and decided to participate in her last event where she won bronze. Subsequently Simone also equaled the record for the most decorated U.S gymnast in Olympic history. She achieved this only at the age of 24.


After winning the bronze medal, Simone declared ” I did it for me” reassuring herself that she is still one of if not the greatest gymnast ever. Even though she suffered mentally due to excess pressure, Simone still got the job done and had to beat the world’s best in order to qualify for the beam final, and then actually win a medal. What must have been a tough month for Simone, ended better than expected.


Boat allegedly capsized by Azzopardi Fisheries trawler

Boat allegedly capsized by Azzopardi Fisheries trawler
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A shocking post uploaded to Facebook by Red Electrick keyboardist Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur alleges how he and his friend’s boat was intentionally and recklessly capsized by an Azzopardi Fisheries trawler. The post states how the two men decided to fish close to a series of fish farms run by Azzopardi Fisheries. They were initially approached by a trawler whose crew asked them to relocate. 

Monsigneur alleges that they accepted the request without issue. Relocating roughly 30 metres away, they were joined in the same area by 25 other small fishing boats. From there, the duo spotted a bigger trawler approaching. They saw that the trawler ‘clearly’ planned to pass them by. Due to this, they did not move the boat, but this had unforeseen negative consequences. 

The trawler did not sound any horn or wave at the the two fishermen, instead deciding to allegedly ram the boat, capsizing it and throwing all the boys’ belongings into the sea to drown (phones, wallets, keys, camera, etc). The post states how should the trawler have asked them to relocate, they would not have objected. 

The matter was further worsened when the trawler’s captain Jordan Cutajar allegedly blamed them for being in the spot and demanded they do not return. The trawler did not help the young men and sailed on, to the shock and disbelief of the two and other 25 boats. 

Monsigneur highlights how he later came to discover how fishing within a certain radius of a private fish farm is not allowed. This rule is allegedly broken by various fishermen due to ‘the severely depleted fish populations, which automatically make fish farm areas a hotspot for fishing due to the high concentrations of nutrients available to external fish.’ 

Monsigneur however openly condemns the reaction by the trawler’s crew, stating that this does not provide the excuse to ram and capsize a boat, potentially injuring or killing anyone on it. The writer also reveals how this is not the first time this has happened as the other fishermen alleged to Monsigneur and his friend. 

He concludes his post by stating that this is not a ‘pity post’ but rather a revelation as to what happens to independent fishermen who suffer at the expense of major corporations like, in this alleged case, Azzopardi Fisheries. He states that independent fishermen suffer when people buy and support giant corporations and that to support local one must not support such local corporations which ‘bully and hijack’ the practice and industry.

This newsroom has contacted Azzopardi Fisheries to inquire about the incident. This is a developing story. 


Photo Source: Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur FB

Australian basketballer out of the Olympics because of bathroom incident

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Coming in to the Olympics, Australia were one of the favorites to take gold in men’s basketball. This all changed though as star player Aron Baynes  will be unavailable throughout the rest of the games. Injuries are quite common in basketball because of the game’s fast pace but Aron Baynes’ injury isn’t one you see every day.



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The Toronto Raptors player actually hurt his neck in the win against Italy. Things got much worse when Aron slipped and fell in the bathroom, ruling him out of the entire competition. Australian Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Hughes told various reporters that “It was a complicated series of events,” and “He did suffer an injury during the match on the court, and then he had a slip in the bathroom and suffered further injury.”

This unfortunate injury will hurt the Australian basketball team as they try to capture a historic gold medal. They will be playing Argentina in the quarter-finals


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WATCH: Anonymous Maltese rapper Ġaħan debuts track about DCG assassination

Anonymous Maltese rapper Ġaħan debuts track about DCG assassination
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A new Hip Hop voice has emerged in the Maltese music scene, despite being completely anonymous as of yet. With his alias called ‘Ġaħan’, likely inspired by the recent Edward Zammit Lewis incident, the rapper centres his first released track around the public inquiry into the murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. 

‘Noli’ discusses corrupt politicians, Maltese public trust in institutions waning and the danger posed to journalists. The rhyme and flow are top notch as the hooded MC embraces the political climate to offer his criticism through music. 

The debut track was met with heaps of praise, many commenting on how he quickly became their favourite local rapper after just one song. Despite not knowing the identity of the rapper, all eyes are locked on this mysterious figure as we await another hit. 


Photo Source: Gahan YouTube, BBC