Silvio Parnis’ son dedicates football win to late father

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Silvio Parnis’ son dedicates football win to late father

Silvio Parnis’ son, Jacob, dedicated his latest football win to his late father, who passed away due to a long battle with cancer on the 3rd of January aged 57 years.

It was revealed by Tarxien Rainbows Nursery that Jacob, who plays with their under-15s, removed his kit shirt after the victory, revealing a few words dedicated to his late father. 

‘RIP Dad. I love you’ the shirt underneath read. Another friend of Jacob could be seen donning the name ‘Silvio’ underneath his own shirt to support his teammate. This came after a 2-0 win against Mġarr United. 

Silvio Parnis was a former Labour Party MP and mayor known for his love of helping those in need. His passing left not only his party but many involved in the political sphere mourning. 

Rest in Peace Silvio, and a big well done to Jacob!


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Brand new Malta Police Force uniforms unveiled during press conference

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Brand new Malta Police Force uniforms unveiled during press conference

As of tonight, all Police officers in Malta will be wearing a different uniform.

This is quite a different look from what we were used to seeing around the Maltese Islands.

The new uniform was announced by Minister Byron Camilleri during a press conference held at Police Headquarters in Floriana.

During today’s press conference, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri described the uniform as one that adapts for 2023, has more security features, more comfort and better-equipped for the Maltese climate. It is also gender neutral.

What do you make of this new look?


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London artist David Speed paints gorgeous mural at popular Japanese spot AKI

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London artist David Speed paints gorgeous mural at popular Japanese spot AKI

When it comes to classy dining experiences, contemporary Japanese restaurant AKI is at the pinnacle of it all, with stunningly-gorgeous decor and a menu which perfectly encapsulates Japanese gastronomy.


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If that wasn’t enough, the popular Japanese spot recently unveiled a brand new mural in their private dining area, created by prolific London-based neon graffiti artist David Speed.

Speed is a multi-disciplinary artist who is currently focused on neon painting, an illuminated dance of light and shadows which results in dramatic-yet-happy works. His works can be found around the world, with most pieces based in London and others found in cultural hotspots like Lyon and Seattle, and now Malta!

AKI is no stranger to innovation, previously working with creators such as Kris Micallef on their cocktail menu and Austin Camilleri on the jaw-dropping gold leaf sculpture at the entrance.

Beyond the restaurant’s aesthetic, AKI gives new life to traditional Japanese dishes, providing a unique dining experience with a refined menu of delicacies.

In a nutshell, AKI is where classic meets contemporary, presenting patrons the opportunity to dine on an indulgent Japanese experience whilst being surrounded by an environment unlike any other.

AKI is part of Lifestyle Group and sister restaurant to the newly opened LOA in St. Paul’s Bay.

Have you ever visited AKI?


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Why does Netflix keep cancelling shows you enjoy?

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Why does Netflix keep cancelling shows you enjoy?

Very recently, the show 1899, which accumulated a massive fanbase petitioning for its continuation, was cancelled by Netflix. 

This led to many fans asking why streaming giants like Netflix take this route and why series get cancelled despite rave reviews. 

It was even more surprising considering that there were other massive shows which, given time after a bombastic first season, fulfilled their promise potential of continuing to deliver. 

According to a Forbes article, the reason behind the cancellation is a metric called the ‘completion rate’, which measures just how many viewers actually watched the series all the way through to the end. 

Whilst the overall number of hours a show was viewed can give you an idea of how long audiences spent on a show, the completion rate is used to suggest whether those numbers would translate into a strong viewer base for future seasons. 

Forbes pointed to First Kill, which cancelled after just one season. While many viewers spent much more time on First Kill, only 44% of those fans saw the whole thing. 1899 only got a 32% on the metric, possibly leading to the cancellation. 

This completion rate is also considered very important by YouTubers how cut off their videos more and more abruptly to ensure maximum viewership. 


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