“Should Malta Police Force officers be able to sport tattoos & facial hair?”

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National debate ensued once again after the Malta Police Force issued a poll asking whether or not officers should be able to sport tattoos and facial hair, generating a considerable amount of controversy over conservative beliefs.

You know that Malta is still hugely lagging behind other countries, when you see multiple discussions and comments…

Posted by Kersten Graham on Wednesday, 2 June 2021

In a Facebook post, local musician Kersten Graham stated that “you know when Malta is behind other countries when you see discussions and comments discussing whether or not Police should have tattoos” going on to state that tattoos are are and nothing less.

Many have argued that such a conservative mentality has no place in today’s modern climate and that permission for tattoos and facial hair should not even be a consideration.


Here’s why we’re in love with Bolt’s new scooters

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In this day and age, efficiency and comfort are our top priorities, especially when it comes to travel and that is why Bolt Scooters have become a staple mode of getting from point A to point B for many. Be it for work or leisure, this company’s brand new fleet of vibrant scooters has been taking the country by storm and we can understand why.

❓ Did you know that scooters are the "greenest" way to move around Malta? We are "climate positive", which means that…

Posted by Bolt on Sunday, 18 April 2021


You can ride everywhere

You can ride your Bolt Scooters absolutely EVERYWHERE in Malta and see the unparalleled beauty that the island has to offer. As long as you stick to traffic regulations and park within the operating zones indicated on the Bolt App!

More scooters than ever

Bolt’s fleet of bright green scooters is as large as ever and you can find them in many cities and villages across the country.

Whether you want to use the scooters for your daily commute or travel around Malta with a couple of friends on your day off, Bolt has got you sorted.

Strong and environmentally friendly

The new scooters are stronger, more durable and more suitable for anyone who wants to make use of the service. The company also acknowledges the need for climate awareness by having environmentally-friendly scooters.

Riders may also avoid unpleasant fines by having no parking zones indicated on the scooters themselves.

New operating cities

As the need for scooters and easily accessible travel continues to grow in Malta, you will be relieved to hear that the scooters can be found in various locations around Malta.

Reliable, easily accessible and as comfortable as ever. So what are you waiting for? Download the Bolt App, get on a scooter and see for yourself!


When it comes to parking your scooter, don’t forget to be respectful of others and park in a way that does not obstruct others’ use of the road and pavement. Take a look at this video below and see how you can park appropriately and right any wrongs you may come across in the street.

Use scooters responsibly

Dear Bolters, to make the Bolt scooters convenient for everyone, let's be responsible and respectful towards each other, we all share the same environment and the same beautiful island. 💚

Posted by Bolt on Friday, 7 May 2021

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These two athletes are going to represent Malta at the Olympics

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As Malta’s athletes continue to make waves in the international sphere, the Maltese Olympic Committee has announced the participation of two local athletes at the forthcoming XXXII Games of the Olympiad in Tokyo.

The first to have been announced was Eleanor Bezzina, an indoor pistol shooter who had taken part in Rio in 2016 and is currently competing in Croatia.

The second announcement was young badminton prodigy Matthew Abela the first Maltese badminton player to ever represent Malta at the Olympics. Abela has built quite an international reputation after being based in Denmark and competing in the European Badminton circuit.


WATCH: Intense and violent exchange in Imsida

Intense and violent exchange in Imsida
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A video which surfaced online of a violent exchange in Imsida is making social media rounds. The fight seems to be happening near l-Ghajn tal-Hasselin in Imsida, with multiple people engaged in a heated fight.


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It is unsure as to what instigated the violence but a woman can be seen wielding what seems to be a wooden plank and assaulting a driver in their car as they attempt to reverse and leave the situation.

Further conflict arises, as the driver is unable to reverse out of the confusion with assailants still managing to land blows. This video follows multiple other videos which show other violent interactions on Maltese roads.