Shawn Mendes documentary ‘In wonder’ heads to Netflix

Oct 17 2020 Share

Titled In Wonder, a nod to Mendes’ upcoming album Wonder, will serve as “a portrait of Mendes’ life, chronicling the past few years of his rise and journey,” according to an official description.

“Been working on this documentary for so long & am so excited to finally share it with you all,” Mendes tweeted Tuesday when news broke. In Wonder, described as a portrait of Shawn Mendes’ life, will hit Netflix this Nov. 23.

Mendes dropped the title track from his Wonder album at the start of October, as well as the accompanying music video, which sees the Canadian singer-songwriter belting the ballad while riding a train, then running through the woods and onto a rain-soaked cliff edge.

Source: https://ew.com/movies/shawn-mendes-documentary-in-wonder-netflix/


Conor McGregor buys Lamborghini Yacht, ‘Supercar of the sea’

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The boat was designed by the people at Lamborghini — in collaboration with the Italian Sea Group, a company that specializes in custom yachts. It’s 63 feet long, weighs 24 tons, has a top speed of 60 knots (roughly 70 mph) and has a 4,000 horsepower engine.

“I am honoured to secure the Number 12 edition of just 63 to be made,” McGregor said.”1963 being the year Lamborghini first began, and 12 being, well you know Twelve! Proper F*cking Twelve baby!”

Conor ordered his vessel with his family at the Italian Sea Group headquarters in Marina di Carrara, Italy. His yacht is expected to be ready for action by next summer.
“Excited to see the finished result during next seasons yachting season,” Conor said.

Source: https://www.tmz.com/2020/10/13/conor-mcgregor-lamborghini-yacht/


A Spanish start up wants to take tourists to the edge of space in balloons

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A Spanish startup wants to challenge Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic by taking tourists to the edge of space in balloons

Spanish startup EOS-X Space wants to take 10,000 people to the edge of space within the next 10 years.

The journeys will be in pressurized capsules, propelled by a balloon that will rise to an altitude of up to 40 kilometers, or nearly 25 miles. Space tourists won’t need any suits or physical preparation for the trip.

he price for a ticket is between $150,000 (€127,905) and $200,000 (€170,540) per person, with the first commercial flight set to take place in 2023.



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Morgan Freeman reveals the reason why he featured on 21 Savage’s album

Oct 17 2020 Share

A quick look at the track list to 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s album ‘Savage Mode II’ will reveal a number of obvious features like Drake and Young Thug.

However, a name which no one saw coming was Morgan Freeman, who appeared on a number of monologues and interludes on the album. The iconic films star stated that he took the job to deflect from his typical ‘nice guy’ role and explore new avenues in his career.

He went on to state that every offer outside of one’s comfort zone is very fun to do and he quickly took the gig.