Shaun Farrugia makes Malta proud again at Ultra Miami

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Shaun Farrugia makes Malta proud again at Ultra Miami

Shaun Farrugia’s track record has continued to elevate to new heights as he had his music blasted out for thousands of Ultra Miami attendees. 

The Ultra Music Festival runs stages daily, with the opening dates seeing headline sets by top DJs such as Martin Garrix – a close friend and collaborator to the Maltese singer and songwriter. 


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The event brings other top artists like Rezz, Swedish House Mafia, Marshmello and Armin Van Buuren, giving a chance for Shaun’s music to be picked up by these internationally acclaimed creators as well. 

Shaun of course has a couple of songs released in collaboration with Garrix, most notably ‘If We’ll Ever Be Remembered’ and ‘Starlight (Keep Me Afloat)’. 

His work has gone on to earn him major record deals as well as appearances on various celebrity A-list platforms, including Love Island. 


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Labour popularity down one year from election victory

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Labour popularity down one year from election victory

According to a new Times of Malta survey, the Labour Party has been dealt a significant hit in its popularity, dropping to one of the lowest ratings in years.

The hit did not however translate into a boost for the Nationalist Party as the lost votes have seemingly gone to third parties or outright abstentions. 

The survey comes one year after the Labour Party achieved a landslide victory. Despite this, were an election to be held tomorrow, only 51.6% reported to be voting Labour – the lowest registered rating since July 2021.

As for the Nationalist Party, the rating came at 42.9%, translating into a minor increase of 1.2%. This would make the difference between the two parties stand at 23,000 votes (8.7%)

Prime Minister Robert Abela too has experienced an all-time low trust rating with just under five out of 10. It also sunk among Labour voters, dropping from 8.1 last year to 6.8 today. 

Despite all this, he still registered more trust points than Opposition Leader Bernard Grech, whose trust rating dropped from 4.2 last year to 3.8 today. 

Former PL leader and prime minister Joseph Muscat too experienced a drop in preference. One third of respondents said they would opt for neither Abela nor Muscat. Last year, 30% said they preferred Muscat, whereas today, this has shrunk to 16%.

This means Robert Abela is still ahead as the preferred choice, with 50% of the vote in March 2023. 


Credit: Times of Malta

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Martina Zammit Ties the Knot with Partner Emma

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Martina Zammit Ties the Knot with Partner Emma

Martina Zammit, a popular TV and radio host, got married to her long-term partner, Emma, earlier today. The wedding was eagerly awaited, and Zammit had kept her followers informed about the busy preparations for the event.

She also sought suggestions from her fans to make the occasion more memorable.

As the day finally arrived, we extend our best wishes to the happy couple for a lifetime of love and happiness together.


Photo Credit: Love Island Malta.

Point Blank: A new vocal group empowering through music

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A new vocal group has recently emerged in Malta, with the aim of empowering all those who are silenced. Point Blank, composed of five young members, released their debut single titled SHOUT by Christina Magrin, which has already gained popularity in the local music scene.

Despite their young age, Aaliyah, Gianluca, Norah, Sophie, and Thomas are determined to make their voice heard. The name Point Blank represents their eagerness to be direct in their message, which they mainly portray through their music. Their message is clear: “No Looking Back! There’s No Stopping Us!”

Point Blank’s music video for SHOUT, released on March 4th, depicts different struggles that are relatable to many experiences we all have, whether young or not. The song portrays a message of empowerment to all those who are struggling to make their voices heard.

Claudia Magrin, the vocal coach and manager of Point Blank, believes that the strength of this group lies in the diversity in personalities and voices of its members. Each member brings a unique skill to the group, with Aaliyah, Gianluca, and Thomas playing the piano, Norah being involved in dancing, Sophie being passionate about sketching and drama production, and Thomas playing water polo.

Point Blank’s debut single SHOUT is available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Apple Music, and iTunes. They can also be followed on social media @Pointblankmalta.

In a world where many voices are silenced, it’s inspiring to see a young group like Point Blank using their passion for music to empower others. With their unique talents and determination, we can expect to see more great things from them in the future.


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