Shaun Farrugia announces first ever EP called ‘Heaven Like Mine’

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Shaun Farrugia announces first ever EP called 'Heaven Like Mine'

Maltese singer and song-writer Shaun Farrugia took to social media to announce that his first ever EP will be released on Friday 10th March 2023. 


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Called ‘Heaven Like Mine’, containing off of the theme established in a recently released song called ‘Dear God’, Farrugia’s new EP will feature 3 new songs as well as ‘special surprises.’ 

‘Can’t wait to show you all the songs I’ve been writing’ wrote the internationally acclaimed singer. ‘For now, here’s the artwork.’ Farrugia’s latest song please was called ‘Count On You’, released on January 27th as the singer continues on his continuously successful roll in the industry. 

Another of Shaun’s most recent highlights, which include nothing short of working with international DJ Martin Garrix, was appearing on the Red Carpet for the third Creed movie in Leicester Square. 


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And judging by his track record, we just can’t wait to bless our eardrums with what Shaun will be releasing next! 


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Selena Gomez racks up 10 million followers after Jenner ‘mocks her eyebrows’

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Selena Gomez racks up 10 million followers after Jenner 'mocks her eyebrows'

This one will raise eyebrows (pun intended). Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has suffered a massive hit to her Instagram follower count after what seemed to be a comment mocking Selena Gomez. 

On the other hand, Gomez’s numbers grew by a whopping 10 million following the little feud which Jenner claims is being misinterpreted. 

Jenner and Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber’s wife, took to Instagram shortly after Selena shared her ‘eyebrow oopsie daisy’. The 30-year-old reported how she over-laminated her own eyebrows on February 21st. 


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This reportedly propped Jenner to get on social media to post a selfie of herself captioned: ‘This was an accident????’, whilst zooming on her eyebrow.

To make matters allegedly worse, Jenner then shared a snap of her and Bieber’s wife zooming on their eyebrows in a FaceTime video. This prompted accusations of being childish bullies. 

‘This is reaching’ Jenner declared. ‘No shade towards Selena ever and I didn’t see her eyebrow posts! You guys are making something out of nothing. This is silly.’ Despite her clarification (or damage control?), her followers dropped by 124,711 at first and then by almost one million by Monday 27th. 

However, Selena did clear up the air on TikTok, responding to a comment by Jenner saying: ‘Agreed @kyliejenner It’s all unnecessary. I’m a fan of Kylie!’


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Man driving E-Kick scooter grievously injured after crash

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Man driving E-Kick scooter grievously injured after crash

Today, at around 0530hrs, police were informed that an incident had taken place on Triq Buqana, Rabat. 

Police convened immediately on site and preliminary investigations revealed that a 49-year-old man resident of St Paul’s Bay was driving an e-scooter when he was involved in a crash. 

The other vehicle was a BMW 320 driven by a 28-year-old woman resident of Imtarfa. A medical team was called onto the site and transported the man to Mater Dei.

He was later citified as having suffered grievous injuries. Police are still investigating the case.

We wish the man a speedy recovery. 



Restoration on Oratory of the Immaculate Conception completed

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Restoration on Oratory of the Immaculate Conception completed

The restoration project of the Oratory of the Immaculate Conception at the Jesuits’ Church in Valletta has been completed, whilst work on the sacristy is expected to finish in the coming weeks. This was announced by the Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts, and Local Government Owen Bonnici during a visit at the church in Valletta.

The restoration works, with a total investment of €1,250,000 from national funds, were led by the Restoration Directorate.  This investment also comprises of the eventual restoration of a second Oratory, that known as the Onorati.

Minister Owen Bonnici emphasized the importance of restoring these important heritage sites, located at the heart of Valletta. He stated that this national heritage also attracts visitors who come to Malta to experience our religious and artistic heritage. He also noted that the conservation of these works of art guarantees their survival and enjoyment for the present and future generations who visit the Jesuit Church.

“A total of €4.5 million have been invested in restoring this heritage site in Valletta. This investment covers various restoration works that started in 2015, including the roof, dome, couplets on the chapels, and bell tower of the Jesuit church and additionally, the restoration of the church’s facades on Triq il-Merkanti, Triq l-Arcissqof, Triq San Pawl, and the restoration that is being announced today,” stated Minister Bonnici.

The Oratory of the Immaculate Conception was built in the first half of the 17th century to provide a space for prayer for a confraternity established by the Knights of St John. Although the architect of the Oratory is unknown, some attribute it to Francesco Buonamici (1596–1677).

Rev. Dr Nicholas Doublet, the rector of the Jesuit Church, stated that “the restoration of this baroque gem allows visitors to experience it in its original splendour. Also, this restoration has led to the creation of a new cultural hub at the very centre of Valletta. The space has already become home to a varied cultural programme which we will continue to grow in the coming months.”

Architect Mark Azzopardi from the Restoration Directorate explained in detail the work being carried out.  “Studies on the existing walls and ceiling have identified the original colours which have now been reproduced. The existing services in the sacristy were removed and replaced and a fire detection system was introduced. Repairs to the masonry and to the windows have been carried out and sanitary facilities in the sacristy have also been refurbished. New lighting has been installed and the marble flooring of the sacristy was repaired and repolished,” explained Architect Azzopardi.


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