Shark Tank Malta confirmed for season 2 ahead of season finale

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Shark Tank Malta confirmed for season 2 ahead of season finale

Before the final episode of Shark Tank airs tonight at 20:50, it was revealed that the programme will be returning for a second season next year 2023. 

The Maltese edition of the critically acclaimed reality show was launched during Malta Enterprise’s Start Up Festival by greatt, and saw many entrepreneurs attempting to get a shot at having one of the island’s biggest business moguls invest in their ideas. 


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Every episode, viewers encountered all manner of business concepts which the panel of moguls, known as Sharks, had to decide whether or not to invest in. 

Not all managed to convince the panel, which was made up of Michael Bonello, Christabelle Camilleri, Mark Bajada, Alexander Fenech and Mark Wiengard. As of the last episode, Bajada and Weingard were at a head with 9 deals struck, followed by Christabelle with 7 and Bonello and Fenech with 6. 

We’ll be seeng the last round of deals being made tonight before the season comes to a close. But any budding entrepreneurs better be ready to pitch their concept next year as the sharks are still hungry for more investments! 



Three with grievous injuries in two early traffic accidents

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Three with grievous injuries in two early traffic accidents

Police were informed of and addressed two separate accidents early on Sunday, which saw three people hospitalised for grievous injuries.

A 2am accident occurred in Triq San Gorg, St Julian’s involving a 36-year-old Italian man riding an e-kick scooter and Toyota Corolla driven by a 24-year-old woman from Birzebbuga. The collision resulted in the Italian man being admitted to hospital for grievous injuries. 

A later accident at 2.45am occurred in Triq is-Siggiewi in Zebbug. A 46-year-old man resident of Mqabba was driving a Nissan Qashqai, which collided with a Citroen C4 driven by a 20-year-old woman from Birkirkara. 

Both were admitted to Mater Dei Hospital and were both certified as having suffered grievous injuries. Civil Protection Department officers also aided in the accident. 

Investigations are still ongoing for both accidents. 


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Internet Explorer to be officially shut down by Microsoft

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Internet Explorer to be officially shut down by Microsoft

It’s the end of a technological era as Microsoft has revealed that it will be officially phasing out Internet Explorer. 

An iconic part of many people’s memories growing up using the browser, the Internet Explorer was launched in 1995 and was once the most used browser on the ‘World Wide Web’. 

Internet Explorer reached its peak back in 2003 after registering around 95% usage share. Due to the competition with Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome, the tech giant slowly started to get phased out. 

Getting replaced by Microsoft Edge, which is said to feature improved security, privacy and speed, Internet Explorer will soon become history by Wednesday 15th June as it will not longer be supported for deices on Windows 10 20H2 and alter. 

Microsoft Edge program manager Sean Lyndersay said last year that the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge. It is set to have more compatibility for older legacy websites. 

Phasing out Internet Explorer was always the plan ever since the release of Microsoft Edge back in 2015. However, Edge still fails in comparison with Chrome’s widespread usage. Recent statistics show that Edge has around 171 million users compared to Chrome’s 3.2 billion. 



Russia McDonald’s replacement unveils new logo; met with mixed reactions

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Russia McDonald's replacement unveils new logo; met with mixed reactions

The business which will replace McDonald’s in Russia has revealed its logo before the grand reopening on Sunday and has received a fair amount of mixed reactions.

The opening lines up with Russia Day, the day which marks the creation of the federation and will take place in Pushkin Square in Moscow, where McDonald’s opened its first Russian outlet in 1990. Over 1,000 former McDonald’s outlets will be part of Russia’s new chain as part of the recent sanctions imposed on the country as a result of its attacks on Ukraine.

The logo itself features an orange circle and two elongated, lighter orange shapes set on a green background, made to be in the shape of an M whilst also resembling two fries and a burger patty. The logo was met with a fair amount of critiques, with one drawing similarities to the Marriott hotel chain logo while another called it a mix of the Marriott logo with the flag of Bangladesh.

The chain, which was reportedly temporarily named ‘My Burger’ will develop in the coming months, with a new name to be chosen in the near future as Western companies continue to cut ties with Russia and supporters of the Ukraine attacks.


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