Second Round of vouchers rumoured for today’s budget

 - Budget 2021 - Oct 19 2020 SHARE ON:

Inside sources have reported that a second round of government vouchers is likely to be announced during today’s budget.

Following Prime Minister Robert Abela’s meeting with the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association regarding a second round of vouchers and a heavier focus on the retail sector, it is highly likely that the latter may come into fruition.


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Budget 2021 may be minister Scicluna’s last budget

 - Budget 2021 - Oct 19 2020 SHARE ON:

Tonight’s budget may Finance Minister Edward Scicluna’s last according to Labour Party insiders, with this budget being the 74-year-old’s eighth one.

Following the aftermath of the Caruana Galizia murder and his own testimony, Scicluna told inside sources that he wanted to leave his ministerial role.

With Miriam Dalli and Clyde Caruana’s entry into Parliament, this could hint at a serious reshuffle for the Labour Party.


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Vibram and Balenciaga collab on a “Toe” footwear collection

 - Art - Oct 19 2020 SHARE ON:

This iconic collaboration consists of two limited-edition sneaker styles as well as a high-heeled style, both made from recycled knit.

This concept was taken from Vibram’s patented FiveFingers shoe style, a flexible sole on the foot that separates each toe, allowing for better tactile perception when moving — but with a twist adding Balenciaga’s bounce and height in an innovative way. 

A limited number of Balenciaga Toe shoes are now available on Balenciaga’s official website as well as a few selected stores worldwide.


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11,000 students started the new academic year at MCAST this morning

 - COVID-19 - Oct 19 2020 SHARE ON:

Over 11,000 Students have started the new academic year at MCAST this morning. MCAST has made sure to make the school as welcoming as possible and have enforced heavy measures in order to ensure all the students and staff are kept safe. 

Professor James Calleja who is the Principal and Chief Executive of the College, in a conference this morning said that courses will be held both virtually, and physically. For the most part courses will take place online however students could be required to have face-to-face learning in circumstances where modules require more hands-on practical work.  


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