Searching for your dream home? Get a hassle-free Loan Protection with LifeStar Insurance!

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Searching for your dream home? 
Get a hassle-free Loan Protection with LifeStar Insurance!

Looking for your dream home with your partner is an exciting journey. It’s full of magical moments and memories that can last a lifetime. However, for the sake of keeping it real, everyone who’s been in this situation, or knows someone who’s in the process of buying a home, knows that this part of your life can be a very stressful one – things will not always go your way and your to-do list just keeps on getting longer and longer.

LifeStar is determined to ease your mind and tick off one less thing to worry about. Their Loan Protect Plan is an ideal solution to satisfy your life insurance needs when taking out a bank loan. Buying a home will, more often than not, require you to take out a bank loan. The Loan Protect Plan works hand-in-hand with your bank loan, offering financial protection that will satisfy your life insurance needs.

With LifeStar’s Loan Protect Plan, the Sum Insured gradually decreases over time, in line with the amount of outstanding loan, making it more economical and easier to handle.

LifeStar Insurance plc provides life insurance that offers financial security to you and your family. If you want to know more about their Loan Protect Plan, download their leaflet here.

For more information about LifeStar, visit their website https://lifestarinsurance.com/


LifeStar Insurance plc (C29086) is authorized by the MFSA to carry on long term business of insurance under the Insurance Business Act, Cap 403 of the Laws of Malta.

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Jennifer Aniston talks IVF heartbreak after pregnancy rumours

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Jennifer Aniston talks IVF heartbreak after pregnancy rumours

FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston has opened up about her struggles to become a mother, explaining she tried out IVF on various occasions. 

The 53-year-old star finally spoke out about the many pregnancy rumours which circulated over the years. What many did not know was that Aniston was trying out IVF in secret to become a parent. 

She revealed to Allure in a new interview that she did try and have a family but it unfortunately did not work out for her. ‘It was a challenging road for me, the baby-making road’ she said.

Aniston revealed she tried every possible suggestion in a bid to become a mother but nothing worked. The situation was made worse by all the speculation surrounding her, she said.

She revealed that she would have given anything for things to be different, but has since accepted that the shop has sailed. She also exclaimed how she wishes she had gotten her eggs frozen when she was younger as it could have been useful.

She took the opportunity to also discredit rumours that speculated how her marriage with Brad Pitt ended due to not giving him a child as complete lies. 


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Decision on voluntary euthanasia to be taken before legislature expires

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Decision on voluntary euthanasia to be taken before legislature expires

The decision on whether or not to legalise euthanasia will be taken by the end of the current legislature, Prime Minister Robert Abela has recently revealed.

TVM show Popolin asked every MP for their stance on euthanasia for their latest episode. Despite not stating outright what he thinks about the matter, Abela said that the government will take a decision before the legislature expires in 2027. 

A national discussion on the potential introduction of voluntary euthanasia for people with terminal illness was pledged during the electoral manifesto. 

Abela said that the discussion will eventually amount to a decision being taken. With active euthanasia and assisted suicide currently illegal in Malta, the Nationalist Party came out against the decision. 

Opposition whip Robert Cutajar stated on behalf of the parliamentary group that the Nationalist Party has the stance of safeguarding people’s health from the moment of conception until their last breath.’ 


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UK bus drivers with higher pay sought by local bus operator

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UK bus drivers with higher pay sought by local bus operator

Foreign bus company Oasis Workforce Solutions has been engaged by Malta Public Transport to supply it with enough bus drivers to match the ever increasing demands. 

Oasis Workforce Solutions has so far supplied 15 drivers who were employed for periods of three to six months. It was revealed by several sources, including Times of Malta, that the drivers were offered by the UK company a salary which is around three times the one Malta Public Transport pays its own employees. 

A Malta Public Transport employee gets paid €7.34 per hour whereas a driver employed by the foreign agency is being offered up to €22.64 (£19.50) per hour to drive the same buses. 

Bus drivers employed with Malta Public Transport also have access to allowances, performance bonuses and various other benefits which add up to around a €19345 yearly salary. 

The UK company promoted a potential income of over £1,000 per week plus overtime for drivers willing to work in ‘hot, sunny climate’ on ‘beautiful Malta.’ 

Times of Malta also reported how the UK-engaged drivers are being offered free accommodation for the duration of their employment. They will however be required to return to their country when the peak season demand drops, making the post far less attractive due to job security. 

Times of Malta reported how a spokesperson for Malta Public Transport denied any discrimination or illegality when asked about the issue. 

“All this is done within the parameters of local and international legal frameworks,” the spokesperson said.

“Malta Public Transport is an equal opportunities employer that employs around 1,300 employees across its operations.”

The issue was also highlighted by PN MP Adrian Delia on a social media post, which showed the salary discrepancy. What do YOU make of this? 


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