Sasha Gatt Participated in International Swimming Competition

Sasha Gatt Participating in International Swimming Competition
May 31 2024 Share

The swimmer Sasha Gatt participated in the 2024 edition of the ‘Mare Nostrum’. The first section of the competition took part in Canet en Roussillion in France where

Sasha participated in the 1500mtr freestyle final in Final A. She finished with a time of 16:51:22, earning 754 FINA points.

Sasha won the 800-meter freestyle final in Final B in Barcelona during the second round of competition, clocking in at 8:58:27 to earn 726 FINA points. In the 400-meter freestyle, she finished with a timing of 4:23:95 and 709 FINA points in her final race. Sasha set season bests in each of these three races.

At just 16 years old, Sasha became the youngest Maltese athlete to ever qualify for the Olympics, having already competed in the Tokyo Games. Her current goal is to get into her second Olympics, which will take place in Paris this summer.


Zac Efron’s Upcoming Film Claimed to be Copying Another New Film

Zac Efron's Upcoming Film Claimed to be Copying Another New Film
May 31 2024 Share

Often times in the film world, films can come off as similar especially when falling under the same genre. Fans have noticed that Zac Efron’s latest movie  ‘A Family Affair’ has copied another new film which has been recently released.

Zac’s new film A Family Affair stars him alongside Nicole Kidman, as she makes her Netflix debut. This film navigates an awkward love situation between Zac and Nicole.

In the movie , Zac plays Chris Cole, who is a self-absorbed Hollywood star who stars dating Brook Harwood, played by Nicole. However Brooke is the mother of his assistant, Zara (played by Joey King).

When seeing the trailer of the film , it’s hard for one not to think of the film The Idea of You. Both are rom-coms featuring a romance between an older woman and a younger man, which is seen by a lot as a social taboo. Apart from both of them being a rom-com that’s not the only similarity. The two rom-coms also include the older woman’s daughter as  a catalyst  to the main conflict.

Some fans also pointed out that A Family Affair was filmed in 2022 and was due to be released in November 2023, meaning it would have come out before Hathaway’s film The Idea Of You.

What do you think, do you think this was merely a coincidence ?


A Total Of 55,000 People Attended Public Service EXPO24

A Total Of 55,000 People Attended Public Service EXPO24
May 31 2024 Share

The Public Service Expo 2024 at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC) in Ta’ Qali presented a series of significant launches and announcements under the theme “Investing in Skills”.

Over 391 registrations for organ donations took place, as well as 260 coeliac screenings and 39 blood donations. Meanwhile, 533 new ID cards were issued, as well as the awarding of 160 educational awards.

During the EXPO around 500 people inquired about Positive Parenting, and another 500 asked about pensions and social benefits. Gemma’s financial education quiz saw the participation of 183 people.

6,495 photos were printed and 730 persons checked out the immersive technology at the expo! But that’s not all.

Prime Minister Robert Abela unveiled 250 electric vehicles, marking a pivotal step in the government’s mission to safeguard the environment and achieve carbon neutrality. He highlighted key initiatives like the Shore-to-Ship project, which reduces emissions by 90%, and similar efforts at Malta Freeport, aimed at ensuring cleaner air and providing more green spaces for families.
Principal Permanent Secretary Tony Sultana announced a strategic plan to enhance the Public Administration’s environmental targets, beginning with the introduction of electric vehicles to replace over 370 traditional diesel and fuel vehicles.

During the Expo, three collective agreements were signed, benefiting 7,000 public officers with improved working conditions and updated grades and scales. These agreements, the first updates since the nineties, also introduced new allowances, performance bonuses, and trainee programs for students in trade and technical sectors.

A new portal, geohub.gov.mt, was launched, providing real-time information on public services and locations, enhancing service efficiency and accessibility for citizens.


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KM Malta Airlines Launches New Mobile App

KM Malta Airlines Launches New Mobile App
May 31 2024 Share

KM Malta just announced a new mobile application today , which allows customers to book and manage their flights through the application seamlessly.

The application was developed in collaboration between KM Malta Airlines and Branchspace, which is a digital technology company for airlines with their headquarters based in London.

Some of the main features for this application will be that it will allow users to search and book for flights, which allows for secure payments and easy booking options. This check in process allows for customers to save time at the airport, ensuring a smooth start to their journey.

This application is now available for download both on iOS and Android platforms.