Sarah Zerafa Shares New Pre Wedding Photos as Countdown to Wedding Begins

May 1 2024 Share

Maltese influencer Sarah Zerafa has shared to her 1.6 million followers some pre wedding photos with her soon to be husband David Vella.

Zerafa stated that it is only 2 months till the couple are officially Mr and Mrs Vella Zerafa and also stated that she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with her soulmate.

The couple got engaged in Paris in December of 2022. The video of their engagement in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower went viral in Malta amassing thousands of likes, views and comments congratulating the couple.

In June of 2023 the couple also hosted an engagement party describing it as “the engagement party of our dreams” .

The couple’s wedding is set to be on the 30th of June and knowing them it will most likely be a spectacle full of heartfelt moments and will make the rounds all over Malta.


Victoria Hotspurs To Become First Gozitan Team To Play In Maltese Football Leagues

May 1 2024 Share

Gozo Second Division Champions Victoria Hotspurs have made history as, as of next year they will become the first ever Gozitan team to play in the Maltese football league system.

The Hotspurs will start from the ground up and join Malta’s lowest division, the Amateur Division, after managing to gain MFA membership after their Gozitan Football Association membership expired last Friday.

This groundbreaking news came after the Gozitan team applied to the MFA to become a full member way back on the 2nd of October 2023.

The vote to let them in was very simple and straightforward as 41 teams voted in favour and 11 against.

It is reported that all of their fixtures will be held at Maltese stadiums rather then in Gozo.


Media Queen Eileen Montesin Announces Retirement: ‘This Is Not a Goodbye!’

Media Queen Eileen Montesin Announces Retirement: 'This Is Not a Goodbye!'
May 1 2024 Share

Malta’s media queen, Eileen Montesin, took to her social media to announce that she is going into retirement.

Having said that, she assured her fans that this does not mean the end for Eileen Montesin, as she will still be active in the media industry but in a more relaxed way, assisting her daughter Christine. She went on to say how it is finally time to put her mind at rest after many years of hard work.

She recounted how she’s been constantly working since she was 16 years old. Only a day after her sweet 16 birthday on October 1st, she instantly headed to work at a coat production company. She spent only a month working there, admitting that being a seamstress wasn’t her forte.

From there, she went on to work at another factory, all the while knowing very well that she wanted to work in the media industry. After other short stints at different workplaces, such as a receptionist at a hotel in Sliema, applications with PBS had been issued, and she instantly applied for a job – ending up landing her job in media as a radio announcer in September 1979, and she hasn’t stopped since.

In her long successful media career, Eileen produced some of the best TV shows and programs, from “Undercover” to “Dejjem Tieghek Becky” and “KC,” just to name a few.

Melita FC Crowned National Youth League B Champions 23/24

May 1 2024 Share

Melita FC have been crowned National Youth League B champions only days after the senior team managed to also be crowned champions of the BOV Challenge League.

The Melita minors team  also ended their season unbeaten in their 22 matches with 19 wins and only 3 draws. The young team managed to make their season even better and complete a very hard invincible season with no losses.

Winning the National Youth League B also means that they have achieved promotion to the National Youth League A , alongside runners up Floriana FC.

The top goal scorers of the team were Jesus Andres Yepez Morlets with 24 goals and Mark Sammut Peresso with 15 goals.

The season was ended with a resolute 3-0 win against Zebbug Rangers which not only confirmed their league win but also their invincible season.