Ryan Reynolds begins training for Deadpool 3

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Ryan Reynolds has officially started training for his third Deadpool film and fans cannot be any more hyped.

Deadpool 3 will finally see the ‘Merc with a Mouth’ join the ranks of Spider-Man, Thor, Doctor Strange and more in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Maervel Studio president Kevin Feige promising a ‘big swing’ for the third Deadpool film.

A recent post by the man who ‘trains superheroes for movies’ Don Saladino shows him and an already-jacked Reynolds in the gym in what seems to be a ‘before’ snap. Saladino captioned his post with ‘and so it begins’, with Reynolds commenting ‘training is a negotiation’ as they start their long journey.


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Bob’s Burgers writers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin are in charge of the script, jumping on board after Marvel and Ryan Reynolds himself decided the script was a ‘perfect fit’ for the third Deadpool flick.

Are you excited for Deadpool 3?


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Flight prices expected to increase if EU aviation tax proposal is approved

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Air Malta has revealed that taxing aviation fuel for inter EU flights will cost a lot, harm the economy, negatively impact Malta’s national airline and destroy a lot of jobs.

The national airline revealed that aviation fuel will become 90% more expensive by 2033 if a proposal made by the EU is passed. Air Malta had this to say “A tax on aviation fuel will not result in a modal shift to another mode of transport but will merely have a negative impact on the Maltese islands’ economic and social cohesion while isolating the country,”

It continued to state that Malta, as a peripheral country who is dependent on tourism, will be harmed massively from this proposal. The directive proposed by the EU will also reportedly introduce a progressive tax on aviation fuel supplied in the EU for intra-EU flights. The tax rate will start at 0% in 2023 but will rise by 10% each year, meaning by 2033 the tax rate will gradually become 100%.

Since the proposal affects taxation on a European level, the proposal requires unanimous approval of all EU member states. The national carrier stated that the extra costs will have a negative ripple effect on these countries’ economies .

“Air Malta is of the view that taxation is not the answer to aviation sustainability and the reliance on taxation as the solution for cutting aviation emissions in the EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ is counterproductive to the goal of sustainable aviation – a tax will merely siphon much needed funds from the industry that could support emissions reducing investments in fleet renewal, clean technologies and the transition to SAFs,” Air Malta said.



Plans for restaurant in St. Venera’s Romeo Romano Garden scrapped after public outcry

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Plans for restaurant in St. Venera's Romeo Romano Garden scrapped after public outcry

Previous plans for a restaurant in Santa Venera’s Romeo Romano garden have been scrapped after a public outcry against it.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli stated that the previous plan was to convert a building in the garden into a kitchen garden but after the public call and the recognition that other restaurants satisfy the public’s commercial appeal, other considerations will be made.

In another Facebook past, Nationalist MP within the first district Darren Carabott stated that “this is a result we achieved because we worked together.” Carabott highlighted that he was always in favour of the garden’s development and restoration and it is a result of clear objections ‘which are not obvious for everyone’.

Carabott thanked the hundreds of people who put forward their objections, as well as Moviment Graffitti for their efforts.

Do you welcome these changes?


Photo Source: Matthew Axiak

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Prosecutor from Attorney General’s office found dead in Swieqi home

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A prosecutor from the Attorney General’s office, 43-year-old Karl Muscat, was found dead in his Swieqi home in Triq is Sirk at around 1.30PM on Wednesday.

Police investigations are currently under way, together with a magisterial inquiry and foul play is not being excluded.

Sources told MaltaToday that Muscat’s house was “turned upside down.”

Muscat was leading the case against former More Supermarkets owner Ryan Schembri and was involved in proceedings against Yorgen Fenech, the former Progress Press and Allied Group director Vince Buhagiar and other cases.

Police spokesperson Brandon Pisani stated that it is early to establish the cause of death and more details will be revealed as the investigation unfold. Pisani described that insofar, while nothing is being excluded, there doesn’t seem to be third party persons involved.


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