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Russia is weaponising the global food supply with Black Sea blockade

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Russia is weaponising the global food supply with Black Sea blockade

Russia has started to use food supplies as a weapon to cause global repercussions, claimed European Commission president Ursula Von der Leyen. 

Leyen said that global cooperation is the only antidote to Russia’s blackmail as she spoke at the annual World Economic Forum held in Davos. 

She said that in Russian-occupied Ukraine, ‘the Kremlin’s army is confiscating grain stocks and machinery. And Russian warships in the Black Sea are blockading Ukrainian ships full of wheat and sunflower seeds.’

The invasion had already sent the price of grain, cooking oil, energy, fertilisers and other goods soaring. The Kremlin pointed fingers at the West, saying that they are responsible for the global food crisis for introducing sanctions. 

This comes as the EU and other countries such as the US impose sanctions on Moscow. Meanwhile, Finland and Sweden will be sending teams to Turkey to discuss their NATO bids due to Ankara opposing the appeal to join. 


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The best 8 Maltese FIFA players compete for the Malta BOV ePremier League title

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The best 8 Maltese FIFA players compete for the Malta BOV ePremier League title

The third season of the Malta ePremier League will be coming to its end this weekend, where eight Maltese players will battle each other through the final Knockout Stage tied to a whopping €10,000 Prize Pool.

Coming Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May, eight local premier football clubs will be competing on the PS5 version of FIFA Ultimate Team. The competing teams are each represented by a local FIFA esports player as follows:

  • Balzan FC – Miguel “Migi” Grima
  • Santa Lucia FC – Gianluca – “Turbulense” Sant
  • Hamrun Spartans – Matthias “Tubbi” Farrugia
  • Gudja United – “KurstenFIFA” Sciberras
  • Sliema Wanderers – Luke “LukeBartolo99” Bartolo
  • Gzira United – Duane “DuaneMercieca” Mercieca
  • Birkirkara FC – Kyle “Barzak” Calleja
  • Mosta FC – Matteo “Vella_999” Vella

The winner will take home €5,000 in cash and a flight ticket to compete at this year’s international FIFA eWorld Cup Playoffs with the very best FIFA esports players in the world. Every local FIFA player dreams of getting a chance for the hot seat to compete in such a prestigious competition.

The event will be hosted on an epic stage setup at the Valletta Campus Theatre in front of a live audience. The quarter finals will take place this Saturday 28th May as follows:

  • 10:30am Balzan FC vs Mosta FC
  • 11:20am Hamrun Spartans vs Gzira United
  • 12:10pm Santa Lucia vs Gudja United
  • 1.00pm Sliema Wanderers vs Birkirkara FC

The Semi Finals will be played on Sunday starting at 1:30pm, with the final match expected to start at 3:15pm. Click here for the full schedule.

Tickets can be purchased online here.

The Malta BOV ePremier League is officially organised by the Malta Football Association together with GMR and in collaboration with TVM News+. https://maltaepremierleague.com


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Monkeypox: What do we know about it?

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Monkeypox: What do we know about it?

Should we be worried about monkeypox? The latest outbreak has, of yet, reached 17 countries with around 110 confirmed cases. 

Another 205 cases are also suspected, but no cases have yet been reported in Malta. The first patient in the current outbreak returned to the UK from Nigeria, where the virus is endemic.

  • It is most common when people come in close contact with infected animals.
  • It does not spread easily and people usually recover within a few weeks.
  • Severe illness can occur in some people, with symptoms showing between 5 – 21 days after infection. 
  • It was first discovered in monkeys in 1958, with the first human case recorded in 1970.
  • Monkeypox does not spread as easy as COVID-19 and does so through respiratory droplets. 
  • Symptoms are flu-like fevers, headaches, swollen lymph nodes and a rash. 
  • Vaccines for smallpox can protect against monkeypox. Only one specific for monkeypox was approved. 

The virus, being a DNA virus, does not replicate as fast as COVID-19, with the latter being an RNA virus. Testing for the virus occurs through swab samples taken from the patient and set to a specialist laboratory where PCR tests are run. 


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63-year-old motorcyclist dies in hospital after accident last week

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63-year-old motorcyclist dies in hospital after accident last week

A motorcyclist who was grievously injured in a traffic incident last week in Gozo sadly lost his life on Monday evening. 

The police confirmed the unfortunate passing on Monday evening. The accident had occurred in Xewkija on May 17th. 

It involved a Yamaha 250 being ridden by a 63-year-old man from Xaghra and a Mitsubishi Pajero driven by a 66-year-old man from Sannat.

The motorcyclist was transported to Gozo General Hospital, where his injuries were certified as serious. The man succumbed to his injuries, with Magistrate Simone Grech leading an inquiry. 


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