Russell Crowe still in love with Malta as he returns to Gladiator set

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Russell Crowe is back in Malta for the filming of his latest film Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher and safe to say, he’s enjoying every single corner of the island as much as he did back in 1999.

After 22 years the Oscar-winning actor returned to hit original Gladiator set with Film Commissioner Johan Grech, going on to post a tweet stating that the island made him remember exactly why he fell in love with it 22 years ago.

As expected, Crowe also praised Malta’s food as he gave a nod to Valletta-based Michelin restaurant Capo Crudo and even told TVM that our pastizzi are “fantastic” and he particularly likes the ricotta ones. Crowe is posting regular updates of his whereabouts on his official Twitter page and so far has had nothing but praise for the island.

Could we see Crowe at Serkin anytime soon?


Netflix drops Stranger Things 4 trailer and reveals summer 2022 release date

Netflix drops Stranger Things 4 trailer and reveals summer 2022 release date
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Fans of Stranger Things can finally rest knowing that the series’ fourth season will drop sometime during summer 2022. The streaming giant teased the fourth foray into the supernatural world of Stranger Things with a tweet which revealed the names of each episode of Stranger Things 4.


A new teaser also dropped which showed protagonist Eleven enjoyed a casual suburban life in California but not all is as it seems as a few shots later, we see a mortified Eleven along with shots of some helicopters, guns, explosions and MANY more surprises.

The wait for the fourth foray into the supernatural world of Stranger Things has been longer than usual, with months-long production delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down filming after only two weeks in Early 2020.

Are you a Stranger Things fan?


Here are the pharmacies opening today from 9am to noon

Here are the pharmacies opening today 9am to noon, 4pm to 7pm
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Here are all of the pharmacies across Malta and Gozo which will be opening their doors to the public from 9am until 12pm today:

Qormi: Brown’s Pharmacy, 278, Victory Street;

Paola: Brown’s Paola Square Pharmacy, 64/65, Piazza Antoine De Paule;

Valletta: Collis Williams Pharmacy, 15, Republic Street;

Ħamrun: St Gaetan Pharmacy, Parish Priest Mifsud Street;

Birkirkara (Fleur-de-Lys): Marrit Pharmacy, 1st of May Street;

Ġżira: Tony’s Pharmacy, 100, Sir Patrick Stuart Street;

St Julian’s: Balluta Pharmacy, 7, Piazza Balluta;

Sliema: The Economical Dispensary, 86/87, Sir Adrian Dingli Street;

Attard: Misraħ Kola Pharmacy, Pitkali Street;

Mosta: Tat-Tarġa Pharmacy, Plot No. 2, Constitution Street;

Qawra: Qawra Pharmacy, Earl’s Court/1,  Imħar Street;

Senglea: Victory Pharmacy, 32, Victory Street;

Żabbar: May Day Pharmacy, Victory Street;

Gudja: Medicaid Pharmacy, 62, Vjal it-Torri;

Qrendi: Chrysanthemum Pharmacy, St Nicholas Street;

Żebbuġ: Plaza Pharmacy, 86, Main Street;

Rabat: Ideal Pharmacy, 63, Main Street;

Malta International Airport: The ‘8 Till Late Pharmacy’ is open every day from 8am to 10pm

Gozo: 9am to noon

Victoria: Batu Pharmacy, 38, Palm Street;

Nadur: Vella Pharmacy, 15, 13th December Street


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3 philosophical puzzles to wreck your mind upon

3 philosophical puzzles to wreck your mind upon
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Philosophers throughout history have come up with thought experiments to test their wit, logical thinking skills and even the very foundation of how they know anything at all. These following puzzles are meant to illustrate just how complicated things like ethics, morality, and basic knowledge can be. 

Imagine you are looking over a hill and you see a creature which looks like a sheep. You form the belief and say ‘There is a sheep in the field’. It turns out that the object you see is actually a very fluffy dog, but by coincidence, there actually happens to be a sheep further away. Are you correct or are you wrong?

This is called a Gettier case, and it operates to ask ‘how do we know anything at all? For most of philosophical history, knowledge was defined as ‘justified true belief’ – you were justified in your belief of there being a sheep and it was ’true’ that a sheep happened to be across the field. And yet, you weren’t stating this about a sheep, but a dog. So are you right or wrong?

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Suppose there was a ship owner who knew that his vessel was old and hasn’t been inspected in a very long time. Now this ship has been scheduled to make a transatlantic voyage and the owner worries it might not make it. However, since fixing the ship would take a lot of work, he convinces himself to go ahead with the voyage. 

Many would agree that if the ship sank, the owner would have been guilty of killing the entire crew. However, the philosopher who came up with this idea, W.K. Clifford, said that he would have been guilty even if the ship made it safely. This is because he was guilty of accepting a belief without sufficient evidence, whether it lead to good or bad outcomes. What do you think?

Imagine a young man who is at a crossroads in his life – he could join the military during a war or stay at home and care for his elderly mother. He wanted to do both – fighting for his country, he would be a small part in a big cause. Helping his lonesome mother would make him a big part in a small cause. Which should the man undertake when faced with such options?

This is a question posed by existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Satrtre. As an existentialist, the point to this question is that there is no answer. Whatever the man chooses, that is what matters. No moral philosophy would help him decide because no one else’s advice would make his decision ‘authentic’. 

These philosophical questions aren’t easy to chew – they have been the source of much debate over the years. Some will claim to have figured them out, whilst others leave them open to more interpretation. You can even create your own Gettier cases for example or relate them immediately to your own life. Or they can just be something you can debate over next time your friends are over.