Roberta Metsola’s State Of The Union Debate Opening Speech

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Roberta Metsola's State Of The Union Debate Opening Speech

Opening the State of the Union debate, the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola said that the European Union must keep reforming.

Welcoming President of the European Commission Ursula von Der Leyen, Metsola said that over the last years the EU has managed to overcome a financial crisis and a pandemic. 

It also got through Brexit, stood up and firm against Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, disengaged from ‘toxic Russian energy’ and is addressing the climate emergency. 

‘The world is changing and Europe must adapt and change with it too. We must keep striving to make our Europe a place of equality of opportunity, of access, of prosperity – where everyone can reach their potential. We must keep reforming.’ 

Metsola said that there are still many in the Union who are struggling and urged the EU to keep the ‘people’s concerns at the centre of all our actions.’ 


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Car Crash In St Julian’s Causes Building Damage

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Car Crash In St Julian's Causes Building Damage

Photos sent to this newsroom shows a car crash which reportedly took place in Triq Gort, St Julians, near Pendergardens. 

Reports indicate that the car crashed into a building, with images showing the damage caused following the crash.

It is currently understood that no one was injured. MaltaDaily has reached out to authorities for further comment.

More information as the story progresses. 


What Was Announced At Apple’s Big Event?

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What Was Announced At Apple's Big Event?

Apple introduced its latest iPhone lineup with enhancements including improved cameras, faster processors, a new charging system, and a price increase for the top-tier model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. 

The launch event aimed to counter a recent sales decline, contributing to a 10% drop in Apple’s stock price since mid-July, pushing its market value below $3 trillion.

While the technology leap in the iPhone 15 models is not substantial, Apple added features to the Pro Max, warranting a $100 price increase from the previous version to $1,200. Prices for the other models remain steady, with the basic iPhone 15 at $800, iPhone 15 Plus at $900, and iPhone 15 Pro at $1,000.

Despite potential pressure on profit margins, maintaining prices is seen as a practical move given current inflation and rising interest rates. The price hike for the iPhone 15 Pro Max could stimulate sales, particularly for Apple’s premium models, which are anticipated to account for about 75% of total sales in the coming year.

One significant change is the shift to USB-C charging, replacing the Lightning port, aligning with an impending European regulatory mandate. While some users may find this adjustment inconvenient, USB-C is already prevalent in various devices, offering faster charging and data transfer speeds.

Additionally, the basic iPhone 15 models feature a “Dynamic Island” on the display for app notifications, and they incorporate a swifter chip used in the previous year’s Pro models. The premium iPhone 15s will operate on an even more advanced processor. All models will be available in stores starting September 22, with pre-orders beginning shortly.



Today Is National Bald Is Beautiful Day

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Today Is National Bald Is Beautiful Day

The 13th of September is National Bald is Beautiful Day – at least in the US. But hey, who are we to keep those living in the states from celebrating their own beauty?

Given how baldness is often a reason for anxiety or even embarrassment for some, such a holiday being celebrated all over the world could help anyone who might not be so keen on the prospect of baldness to embrace the nonetheless beautiful look. 

Baldness, often hereditary in men, encompasses issues like male pattern baldness, hair thinning, and receding hairlines. Ageing can exacerbate these conditions, leading to rapid hair loss. 

Women can also experience hair fall and thinning due to various factors like stress, health issues, or genetics. Medical intervention can help prevent or stop hair loss, but acceptance may be the only option for some. 

However, many choose baldness voluntarily to prevent further loss or make a fashion statement. 

National Bald is Beautiful Day celebrates the beauty and pride in embracing baldness, whether by choice or circumstance.


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