Roberta Metsola States That “We Have Serious Issues to Deal With.”

Roberta Metsola States That "We Have Serious Issues to Deal With."
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In a scathing critique, Roberta Metsola has voiced her concerns about the current state of leadership in Malta and Gozo. She expresses her disbelief that in a time demanding strong leadership, the nations are being led by a Prime Minister she describes as indecisive and weak. Metsola highlights the irony of such a situation, given the resilient nature of the Maltese people.

Metsola emphasizes the pride and determination of the Maltese nation, stating that they deserve better than a Prime Minister who she believes is incapable of leading effectively. She argues that those facing serious criminal charges should not hold positions of influence, a sentiment she believes is shared by law-abiding citizens across the country.

The politician accuses the Prime Minister of prioritizing short-term political gains over the welfare of the nation, accusing him of dragging Malta and Gozo down with him. She describes the current political climate as the saddest spectacle the islands have witnessed, criticizing the Prime Minister for continuously lowering the standards expected of a national leader.

Metsola acknowledges the repeated challenges Malta and Gozo have faced in the past but suggests that the current situation is particularly dire. She condemns the Prime Minister for seemingly escalating the crisis rather than addressing it, stating that the nation urgently requires effective leadership to tackle pressing issues.

In conclusion, Metsola calls for an end to what she describes as the “theatre of the absurd,” urging for a change in leadership to address the serious challenges facing the country.


Joseph Muscat’s Criminal Court Appearance Set for May 28

Joseph Muscat's Criminal Court Appearance Set for May 28
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Former Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and several others implicated in the hospitals deal inquiry are set to appear in court on Tuesday, May 28, under the oversight of Magistrate Rachel Montebello.

Muscat, along with his former lieutenants Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri, faces charges including bribery, trading in influence, and money laundering. Others involved in the case stand accused of various crimes as well.

A second group of defendants, including Chris Fearne who recently resigned as minister, and Central Bank Governor Edward Scicluna, will face charges in a separate case, presided over by Magistrate Leonard Caruana.

All defendants have been charged under court summons, and they will enter a plea before being allowed to return home.

The charges stem from a magisterial inquiry into a now-voided 30-year, €4 billion deal to privatize three state hospitals during Muscat’s tenure. Despite Prime Minister Robert Abela’s criticism of the inquiry as biased, the report has not been made public.

Muscat has been granted access to all documents related to the inquiry and is seeking to prove bias on the part of the magistrate who led the probe.

Civil society group Repubblika has accused Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg of sabotaging the case against Muscat by instructing the State Advocate not to object to Muscat’s access to parts of the inquiry.


Bernard Grech Reacts To Fearne’s Resignation

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Leader of the Opposition Bernard Grech took to Facebook to express his views on Chris Fearne’s resignation from the Deputy Prime Minister post, citing Fearne’s decision as evidence of respecting institutions. Grech implied that Prime Minister Robert Abela’s motives revolve around self-preservation.

Responding to Abela’s plea for Fearne to reconsider, Grech criticized Abela’s stance on government officials facing criminal charges retaining their positions and his attacks on institutions.

Grech highlighted Abela’s apparent misunderstanding of the current situation and urged him to replace Edward Scicluna as Governor of the Central Bank. He concluded by demanding the release of the Magisterial Inquiry, purportedly controlled by Abela and Joseph Muscat, to the public.


Wholesome Moment Captured at Eurovision Fan Zone

Wholesome Moment Captured at Eurovision Fan Zone
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The anticipation is building as fans gear up to revel in the beauty of Malta’s capital and enjoy the live broadcast of the Eurovision Grand Final on a large screen. Klinsmann’s performance during the previous event stole the show, warming up the audience with his infectious energy and vibrant tunes. As he kicked off the event, his performance became a wholesome moment that captured the spirit of unity and celebration among Eurovision fans.

Sarah Bonnici’s captivating performance during Semi-Final 2 added to the excitement, while fans who had witnessed the magic of Semi-Final 1 eagerly anticipated round two.

The Official TVM Eurovision Fan Zone has proven to be an event that every Eurovision fan should attend. With Valletta’s Triton Fountain Square as the backdrop, fans come together to celebrate the Eurovision spirit and share in the excitement of the world’s biggest music competition.

As the countdown to the Grand Final on Saturday begins, it is clear that the TVM Eurovision Fan Zone has set the stage for an unforgettable Eurovision experience in Malta.