Robert Metsola responds as European Parliament falls victim to cyber-attack by pro-Kremlin group

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Robert Metsola responds as European Parliament falls victim to cyber-attack by pro-Kremlin group

On Wednesday, the European Parliament’s website fell victim to a ‘sophisticated’ cyberattack by what has been confirmed to be a pro-Kremlin group. This comes mere hours after the EP declared Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

“I confirm that the Parliament has been subject to an external cyber attack, but the Parliamentary services are doing well to defend the Parliament,” Parliament vice president responsible for cybersecurity Dita Charanzová stated.


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A high-ranking Parliament official, who asked news platform Politico to remain anonymous, stated that it may well be the most sophisticated attack the Parliament has known.

The attack itself, which is a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a typical move by hackers who wish to disrupt organisations and cause chaos by sending huge amounts of traffic to a server.

In response to the attack, the EP president had only one thing to say: “Slava Ukraini”.


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Owner relieved as stolen drag-racing car found in Iklin

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Owner relieved as stolen drag-racing car found in Iklin

Driver Sean Prout has been re-united with his car after it went missing at the Ħal Far race track on Monday.

The distinctive car, a Honda Civic ep3 blanketed in bright blue decals was caught being towed away on CCTV camera footage, with the owner offering a €5,000 reward for anyone who found it.

After it went missing, the car made headlines in Italy, Sicily, Malta and even America, with Prout calling on the person responsible to return it as soon as possible.

The vehicle was then found in an Iklin road by Mosta resident Lee Micallef, who alerted the police and its rightful owner soon after spotting it.

The car was reportedly in fair condition, with “very minor damage done”.



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Karl Izzo to contest ASA presidency election this month

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Karl Izzo to contest ASA presidency election this month

Karl Izzo, who served as Malta’s national waterpolo coach since 2013, has confirmed that he will submit his candidacy to become the new president of the Aquatic Sports Association. 

During the past few weeks, Izzo has been approached by several local clubs who feel that a change in leadership is necessary to ensure Malta’s improvement in the field. 

At a reception at the Hilton Hotel, Izzo presented his vision to a large crowd to outline his short and long term plans for the sector. 

Ensuring everyone that he has the right portfolio to lead the association, he said that the focus will not be solely on waterpolo. After multiple talks with the aquatic sports sector clubs he was able to draft a number of proposals which were described as realistic by Izzo and other speakers at the presentation. 

Popular speakers within the aquatic sector in Malta and beyond, such as Neil Agius, Dino Zammit, Matthew Zammit and others, endorsed Izzo as the right man for the job after experiencing his work first hand. 


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President of Malta visits Maltese patients in London

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President of Malta visits Maltese patients in London

Currently, 48 Maltese patients are being given medical care in various specialised hospitals in London. 

President of Malta George Vella and his wife Miriam Vella visited some of these same patients and met with various professionals who care for the cases of these patients. 

The main aim, the president said, is to be close to the patients and their families during their most difficult moments. Accompanied by the Administrative Boardman Chairman of the Malta Community Chest Fund Sir John Huber, the President and his wife visited the Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Royal Marsden in Sutton and the London Gynaecology Clinic. 

In the Great Ormond Street hospital, 76 children from Malta experienced recovery this year alone. Four kids are currently receiving treatment, with the youngest being a months-old infant. 

Meanwhile, 67 Maltese patients travelled to Sutton for cure from the Royal Marsden hospital as of January of 2022. 

‘I am delighted to hear about how the specialists carry out treatment with love’ said the President. ‘Many of them become acquainted with Malta pretty well and keep intact with their Maltese representatives.’

The pair also met patients and relatives who are currently living at the Puttinu Cares apartments in Sutton as well as the Franciscan Sister’s residency. Sir John Huber explained that the MCCF is helping these families cover the costs that come with undergoing such treatment. 

The costs of MCCF are increasing, with President George Vella explaining that more than 80% of the MCCF costs are tied to the specialised medicine necessary for oncological treatment. 

‘We are doing everything we can to provide the medicine to the patients. Telling a patient we do not have the medicine does not even cross my mind’ said the President.

The visit was also carried out in anticipation of the 27th edition of the annual Istrina to raise money to help more patients who require aid. 


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