Robert Abela calls for “freedom from politics of hate” during Freedom Day speech

Robert Abela calls for "freedom from politics of hate" during Freedom Day speech
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During a powerful address at a Freedom Day commemorative event Birgu, Robert Abela called for ‘freedom from politics of separation, hatred and confrontation’. Abela thanked those attending for trusting him and the people around him and that that same trust will be exchanged for continuous work for the people of Malta and future generations.

In his speech, the PM paid tribute to leaders before him like Dom Mintoff and Gorg Borg Olivier for being leaders of strength in harsh times, shining a light on the notion that nothing is impossible when done together.

Abela went on to praise Mintoff for how he managed to overcome the barrage of hurdles during Malta’s economic crises at that time, calling it “the journey that saw [Mintoff] rebuild our economy to the point where we could fend for ourselves and not rely on anyone.”

After going over a number of talking points, the Prime Minister stated that ‘nothing can stop the movement’ as long as it is united to continue to sustain the country.

Freedom Day marks the anniversary of the Royal Navy and British troop’s withdrawal from Malta in 1979.


Malta-registered, Russian-owned superyacht worth €45 million seized in the UK

Malta-registered, Russian-owned superyacht worth €45 million seized in the UK
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A Russian-owned superyacht registered in Malta was seized by the British government on Tuesday as part of the country’s sanctions against Russia.

The UK’s National Crime Agency revealed this on a statement on Tuesday, stating that the €45 million, 58.5-metre yacht is owned by an unidentified Russian businessman. Malta currently holds the world’s largest register of superyachts, with the maritime sector accounting for 14% of the country’s GDP in February.

Phi is the first superyacht to be stationed in British waters and such a seizure follows hundreds of UK sanctions on Russian individuals and organisations in light of the current attacks on Ukraine. British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps called the seizure “a clear and stark warning” to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Two women MPs will join Cabinet after use of gender quota mechanism & casual elections

Two woman MPs will join Cabinet after use of gender quota mechanism & casual elections
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Two woman MPs will join Prime Minister Robert Abela’s Cabinet after the application of the gender corrective mechanism and casual elections.

Following Wednesday’s swearing in ceremony, where Abela officially welcomed his new Ministers and Parliamentary secretaries, the Prime Minister stated that two more Cabinet positions are to be filled by woman.

The only women in the current Cabinet are now-environment and energy minister Miriam Dalli and social inclusion minister Julia Farrugia Portelli, together with Parliamentary Secretary and Abela’s sister-in-law Alison Zerafa Civelli.

Through the application of the gender corrective mechanism, Parliament will grow by 12 seats by the end of the process, which is ultimately aimed at boosting the number of woman MPs in Malta’s Parliament. Labour’s first casual election saw Rebecca Buttigieg occupy a seat in parliament, making her eligible for one of Abela’s Cabinet posts.

Other potential names could include Cressida Galea and former Parliamentary Secretary Rosianne Cutajar.

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Dyson’s new air purifier and built-in headphones hybrid looks like it came from the future

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As the world of technology continues to grow and develop, more and more products come out each day which look like they belong in a sci-fi movie rather than a retail store… and Dyson’s latest pair of headphones is one of them.


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After over six years in development, the Dyson Zone headphones is the company’s first set of headphones and includes a built-in air purifier. Little is known about technicalities such as cost, weight or battery life, but the company has stated that what started out as a snorkel-like mouthpiece and backpack is finalised and release towards the end of 2022 is highly likely.

Inspired by internal conversations of ‘portable purification’ back in 2016, the final version of the Zone design channels “a continuous stream of purified air to your nose and mouth, without touching your face” via a visor. The technology is fully able to filter fumes and pollutants with a miniature version of Dyson’s already existing air-purifying technology.

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