Robbie Williams Superfan Priscilla Takes To Social Media After Maltese Dream Encounter

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Robbie Williams Superfan Priscilla Takes To Social Media After Maltese Dream Encounter

Following a major dream encounter between Robbie Williams superfan Priscilla and the British showman extraordinaire, the Maltese fan took to social media to share her post-show feelings.

Tens of thousands of local Robbie fans took to the Floriana Granaries on Friday to enjoy a show of the best-selling artist’s greatest hits but what truly show was the pop icon’s interaction with local fan Priscilla Dimech.

Williams broke the sea of fans to engage in a lighthearted conversation with Priscilla, where they talked about her pet cat and tattoo, which the British star attempted to read in Maltese.

After making a promise to Priscilla that all of Malta will know about her, Williams serenaded her with one of his all-time favourites ‘She’s The One’ to a jubilant crowd.

Following the concert, Dimech took to to social media to state that she had been waiting for that moment for 27 years, also taking to popular Facebook group ‘Are You Being Served’ to thank the Maltese crowds for being happy for her ‘even though they don’t know her’. “This morning I prayed to the Lord that he comes near me. Every fan’s dream right? And he heard me BIG TIME”, she concluded.


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Double-Decker Bus Reduced to Shell After Catching Fire at Għadira

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Malta Daily has received footage of a double-decker sightseeing bus reduced to a charred shell after catching fire on the hill above Għadira.


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Civil Protection Department official’s were called on site to control the situation as a thick plume of smoke emerged from the burning bus to the Mellieha skies.

The cause of the fire and subsequent injuries are, as of yet, unknown but multiple eye-witnesses have been messaging Malta Daily to report the scene as hundreds watch from the surrounding areas.


Music Videos You May Not Know Were Filmed in Malta

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When we think of iconic music video locations, Malta might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, this charming Mediterranean island has played host to several mesmerising music videos, offering its stunning landscapes and rich history as the perfect backdrop for artists to weave their visual tales. Join us as we uncover the unexpected connection between Malta and these captivating music videos that might have slipped under your radar.

ATB – “9 PM”

The iconic track “9 PM (Till I Come)” by ATB gets an unexpected twist with its music video filmed on our sister island. As the song’s infectious melody fills the air, the video transports us to Gozo’s stunning landscapes, featuring one of our country’s very own OG buses. The synergy between the music’s energy and the island’s natural beauty creates an unforgettable audio-visual experience.

3OH!3 – “STARSTRUKK” (feat. Katy Perry)

In an unexpected twist, Malta becomes the backdrop for the energetic music video “STARSTRUKK” by 3OH!3 featuring Katy Perry. Our capital city’s captivating coastline makes a short cameo in the infectious track’s video. The video showcases Malta’s versatile ability to cater to different genres and moods.

Mauro Picotto presents SONIQUE – “Melody” (Komodino Video Mix)

Malta’s versatility shines through in the music video for “Melody” by Mauro Picotto presents SONIQUE. This electronic dance track pulses through the island’s gorgeous streets, juxtaposing modern beats against the backdrop of our clear blue waters and incredible landscapes. The energy of the song is amplified by Malta’s electrifying ambiance, making this unexpected pairing a visual delight.

Genesis – “Congo”

Against the backdrop of Malta’s very own film studios, the video exudes an air of mystique and intrigue, perfectly complementing the song’s rhythmic and enigmatic vibe. The video’s quality and band’s repertoire just goes to show that the island offers something for everyone.

Matteo Bocelli, Sebastián Yatra – “Tu Luz Quedó”

Setting the tone for romance, “Tu Luz Quedó” by Matteo Bocelli and Sebastián Yatra chose Malta as its canvas. The video takes us on a journey through Malta’s breathtaking coastlines and ancient streets, as the artists’ heartfelt vocals serenade us. The interplay between love and the island’s natural beauty creates an enchanting atmosphere that perfectly complements the song’s emotion.

Emma Muscat – “Sangria” (feat. Astol)

Bringing a contemporary touch to the Maltese music scene, Emma Muscat’s “Sangria” featuring Astol treats us to a modern visual spectacle. The video navigates through Malta’s streets, capturing the essence of a pure Maltese summer. As the song’s beats drive the narrative, the video offers a glimpse into Malta’s youthful spirit and lively atmosphere.

Malta’s allure as a backdrop for music videos goes beyond its charming tourist appeal. From romantic serenades to pulsating dance tracks, the island’s diverse landscapes and historical sites have seamlessly integrated into the visual storytelling of these music videos. So, the next time you watch a music video, keep an eye out for the unexpected allure of Malta that adds an extra layer of magic to the music.


Over 130 Students Participate in the First-Ever Film Commission’s Summer Camp

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Over the past weeks, 130 students, aged 9 to 11, have been given a unique experience to learn about film through a hands-on approach. Over a ten-day programme, students learnt about cinema, film production, scriptwriting, storyboarding, acting, filming and editing. The culmination of each programme was the shooting of a short film which the students got to develop from a script they cowrote.
The engaging hands-on curriculum for the programme was developed in collaboration with FACETS, a US based Film Education organisation which was also entrusted with training and mentoring of the film educators delivering the programme.
This summer camp is one of the various film education initiatives being developed by the film commission with the aim to inspire a new generation of filmmakers while increasing awareness about opportunities in the film industry.
“Education is the key to future proof Malta’s film industry. It is crucial to start integrating the art of film within our education system for all those who aspire to become Malta’s film makers. The Government together with the Malta Film Commission will continue working hard to offer more new avenues through which more people can enter and work in Malta’s film industry,” outlined Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo.
Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech insisted that, “we are giving more opportunities to our children in film education to increase awareness about the art of film and the potential of the film industry.  We are incentivizing work in film because we want to create more opportunities for all, where our children can reach their dreams and can have careers in our film industry.”

This summer camp was made possible through the collaborations of the Malta Film Commission with the Foundation of Educational Services (FES) and the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology (MCAST).


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