Riding a cab in Malta is now an investment. Here’s why.

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Launching its services in Malta as of June 2022 (yes, this month!), the Forus cab-ordering app will offer clients and drivers of Forus the chance to become a shareholder of the company. 

The innovative base of this initiative is a US Token program, wherein clients, drivers and other contributors collect token for their rides. In the future, these tokens will gain in value.

Fast-forward 5 years and these tokens can be swapped for literal stocks in the company. Simply put: spending €100 on the app will earn you 1 token, equivalent to 1 share. The more you spend, the more tokens. 

And the more tokens the more stocks swapped. All while you ride easy with Forus. A total of 30 million US Tokens will be shared among all brand partners between 2022 and 2027. With a cab driver commission set at 12%, Forus is also looking for new cab drivers to join the growing team. 

The goal of all this? To become the world’s leading service platform which brings together clients, service providers and other stakeholders as owners. 

New cab ordering platform Forus is made in Estonia, and has made its way to Malta after sparking a lot of interest when it hit the European market in April of 2022. 

At least five more countries could see Forus on their streets by the end of this year!

The new versions of the Forus app are now available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Becoming an investor is just one download away. Click here to find out more. 



New asphalt coat for Marsa road following bowser diesel spill

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New asphalt coat for Marsa road following bowser diesel spill

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Aaron Farrugia took to Facebook to reveal that a new asphalt coverage has been implemented in Marsa following a recent accident. 

Late last week, a massive diesel spill covered a long road down Moll tal-Hatab and Triq il-Belt il-Hazna after a bowser tipped over, crushing a car in the process. 

Infrastructure Malta confirmed that those involved in the accident are paying the financial damages for the renovation project being covered by a contractor. 

The minister said that IM took rapid action following the accident, as it caused danger to several drivers. ‘The road was closed off under emergency and a new covering was given to the road due to the diesel penetrating the previous coating. 


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Festivals Malta presents the monetary prizes to the Mużika Mużika 2022 winners.

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Festivals Malta presents the monetary prizes to the Mużika Mużika 2022 winners.

The second edition of Mużika Mużika, held between the 21st and 23rd of April 2022, has proved to be yet another success, as the high-quality production organised by Festivals Malta has again exceeded expectations and elevated the expectations Maltese song to new heights. On the final night, the song ‘Bla Tarf’ written by Kurt Calleja, and composed by Kurt Calleja, Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur and Peter Borg, was crowned the winner of the 2022 edition.

Earlier today, the composers of the winning songs were presented with their monetary prizes, while the authors, composers and winners of the Best Interpretation and the Best Musical Arrangement were awarded with commemorative trophies.

Minister for Natural Heritage, Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici reiterated in his speech, “Thanks to such festivals, we are able to enjoy, discover and promote local talent”.

“Today, the local artist also have the opportunity to make a career out of their talents, and we must continue to encourage them through such Festivals, where popularity is growing,” said Minister Bonnici.

Minister Bonnici presented the € 20,000 monetary prize to Kurt Calleja, Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur and Peter Borg, the composers of the winning song ‘Bla Tarf’, performed and written by Kurt Calleja. Mużika Mużika Chairman, Raymond Bugeja, presented the second prize of € 10,000 to Joe Julian who accepted the prize on behalf of composer Elton Zarb for ‘Tkun ‘L Hawn Għaddi’ performed by Kantera and written by Joe Julian Farrugia.

Festivals Malta Chairman Norman Hamilton presented the third prize of € 5,000 to Philip Vella for the song ‘Ġmielek’, performed by Claudia Faniello and written by Joe Julian Farrugia and Festivals Malta CEO Annabelle Stivala presented the trophies for Best Interpretation to Avenue Sky for the song ‘Minn Taħt L-ilsien’ composed and written by Pamela Bezzina and as well as that for Best Musical Arrangement to Aurelio Belli for the song ‘Tkun ’L Hawn Għaddi’, which was performed by Kantera, written by Joe Julian Farrugia and composed by Elton Zarb.

Festivals Malta CEO, Annabelle Stivala, commented that Festivals Malta intends to keep investing in Mużika Mużika, a festival that has become a staple in the Maltese cultural calendar. “I am honoured by the impeccable level that Mużika Mużika achieved. In this edition, we have reached higher goals. Our plan for future editions is to continue to improve not only for our viewers but also to offer a good platform for our artists to reach new horizons in their music career.”

“This year’s songs were of an astounding level yet again. All the artists, not just the winners, produced high-quality songs that are a true testament to Maltese talent. The next step is to work on the third edition of the festival to keep improving on what we have already achieved,” explained the Chairman of Mużika Mużika, Raymond Bugeja. The chairman also explained that the production for the music video of the song ‘Bla Tarf’ will be starting in the coming weeks.

Mr Norman Hamilton praised the organization of Mużika Mużika and the importance of such a festival to be at the focal point of cultural events. “Once again, the Festivals Malta team has produced a high-level music festival that glorifies Maltese music. I can say that this festival has finally found its place in the Maltese cultural calendar as it truly deserves.”

Festivals Malta, together with the Minister for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government, would like to thank all the artists who participated in Mużika Mużika 2022 and congratulate the winners ofthis edition. For more information on Mużika Mużika – Festival Kanzunetta Maltija visit the official site – www.muzikamuzika.mt


Photo Source: Darren Agius


This weekend is set to be scorching hot at 36°C

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This weekend is set to be scorching hot at 36°C

Brace yourselves because this upcoming weekend starting today Friday 3rd June is set to be an inferno on the Maltese islands. 

Malta entered its first heat wave of 2022 this week after some, one would argue, confusing weather patterns. But now the summer vibes have set in well and we’re in for a scorcher, report weather forecasters. 

In a bit of a sequence, the days are set to feel like 34, 35 and 36 degrees Celsius starting today till Sunday. That gives everyone all the more reason to rush into one Malta’s beautiful bays to cool off. 

The lowest temperatures are set to drop down to around 22 degrees Celsius, which means it will still be quite hot even at night and that our air-conditioning systems will be working overtime. 

This weather forecast also comes with calls for precautions by health authorities, which urge people staying out in the sun to wear protection in the form of sunscreen or hats, whilst also staying hydrated. 


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