Restoration works underway at Notre Dame Bastion and Notre Dame Gate with an investment of €850,000

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Restoration works underway at Notre Dame Bastion and Notre Dame Gate with an investment of €850,000

Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts, and Local Government Owen Bonnici, and Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Alison Zerafa Civelli visited the Notre Dame Bastion and Notre Dame Gate in Cottonera, whereby substantial restoration works are currently underway.

The restoration works are being carried out by the Restoration Directorate, with an investment of €850,000. Minister Owen Bonnici stated that the Notre Dame Gate still stands as the highest point in the area. “From its towering roof, one can enjoy breath-taking views of most of the island and thus one can comprehend the importance that this structure had in the relay of military signals,” Minister Bonnici explained.

He said that the main aim of the restoration project is to keep valorising the patrimonial heritage of the area. “The various historical landmarks are a source of pride in the respective localities and this restoration project safeguards the more important aspects of our heritage,” stated the minister.

Parliamentary Secretary Alison Zerafa Civelli praised the workers at the Restoration Directorate for their commitment and dedication towards the restoration of these two historical sites. “I urge all local councils to identify and propose historical sites in their respective localities that require restoration works, as this will enable us to continue to preserve our national cultural heritage for future generations,” stated the Parliamentary Secretary.

The restoration work on Notre Dame Gate commenced at the end of May 2022 and is expected to be completed by the end of April 2023. While the work on the bastion and ancillary structures commenced in October 2022 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of November 2023.

Architect Daphne Fenech, who is responsible for work being done at Notre Dame Bastion, stated that the primary focus of the ongoing restoration work along this stretch of fortifications is structural in nature. She explained that the casemates overlooking Birgu had suffered significant damage which led to heavily weathered stonework along the flank overlooking Żabbar, which compromised the structural integrity of the fortifications, and thus the current works are focused on this section to ensure safety.

She continued explaining that works also include the reconstruction of the damaged casemates, and a purposely designed formwork will be used to preserve as much of the original structure as possible while reconstructing the missing section.

Architect Timothy Portelli, who is responsible for work being done at Notre Dame Gate, explained that the restoration work includes the external fabric of the upper part of the gate, as well as structural consolidation of Winternal timber beams. The decorative trophy of arms around the bust will also be restored, as well as all timber apertures. Additionally, waterproofing works at roof level will be carried out.


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Moviment Graffitti laments unpaid internships offered at KSU Careers Expo

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Moviment Graffitti lament unpaid internships offered at University of Malta

Moviment Graffitti have taken to social media to express their concern about the unpaid internships being offered in Kunsill Studenti Universitarji’s (KSU) ongoing Careers Expo.

In a recent post, the Maltese nonprofit organisation revealed that they have been monitoring the situation and have long suspected that companies are offering unpaid internships to students seeking work opportunities outside university hours.

“Studenti Graffitti can now confirm that at least three of the enterprises involved in KSU’s 2023 Careers Expo are offering unpaid internship opportunities”, the post read.

Graffitti went on to state that all interns should be paid a living wage and that it is unfair and inhumane for students to take up unpaid internships in exchange for their hard work.

“We insist that KSU, as the student council, take action and stand for paid internships for all students, at every company taking part in the Careers Expo. We also demand that KSU vets each company, and refuses entry to those that do not pay their interns,” Graffitti stated.

The post also concluded with the organisation expressing their confusion at how KSU, a public entity, “is promoting and investing its resources in a private enterprise that does not directly benefit students, nor is a sponsor of the student body.”


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Plane with 100 donation boxes for Syria earthquake victims leaves Malta

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On Thursday morning, an aircraft carrying 101 donation boxes with resources left Malta to provide humanitarian aid to earthquake victims in Syria.

In a post published on March 1, aircraft management & charter flight company Universal Air revealed that the humanitarian supplies collection was organised by Women in Aviation Malta.

The company went on to thank XPH Malta LTD and Aviaserve for preparing the shipment, Enemed Malta and Jetex for their fuel contributions and LGS Handling and Cyprus Airways for ensuring the donations make it from Cyprus to Syria.

The donation boxes also included pairs of socks with small encouraging notes for the victims.


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Half the world is on track to being overweight by 2035, report warns

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Half the world is on track to being overweight by 2035, report warns

New research by the World Obesity Federation warns that half of humankind is on track to becoming overweight by the year 2035.

That means that, based on current trends, over 4 billion people (51%) are expected to become overweight or obese in 12 years time. This would be a massive increase from the current 2.6 billion people globally who are not at the recommended weight.

The excess weight epidemic is something which is considered around the world, with countries like Mexico implementing taxes on soft drinks and junk food, the UK implementing advertising rules for foods with high fat, salt and sugar content on children’s TV channels and France increasing physical activity and the Netherlands offering a holistic, healthy environment which support children and families.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a person is considered overweight when their Body Mass Index is between 25.0 and under 30. A BMI of 30.0 or higher would mean that the individual is obese.

A few months back, Malta was classified as the country with the highest obesity rate in the European Union, with around a quarter of its population considered as obese. A third of the Maltese population is expected to become obese by the year 2030, but does the solution lie?

In 2015, Malta passed an ambitious bill on Obesity which included restrictions on which food was to be sold in schools and how such institutions utilised exercise in their curriculum whilst encouraging local councils to offer more spaces for exercise to address obesity amongst the elderly.


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