Red wine could help fight risks of COVID-19 infection says study

Red wine could help fight risks of COVID-19 infection says study
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Despite warning against drinking in excess, red wine lovers have been given a massive green card by one study which suggests that red wine is among the alcoholic drinks which could reduce the risk of COVID infection. A study published in Frontiers in Nutrition observed medical records of 473,957 people through the UK Biobank. The report studied drinking habits of people throughout the course of the pandemic. 

It came out suggesting that people who consumed five or more glasses of red wine per week were around 17% less likely to be at risk from the virus compared to people who don’t. The reduced risk could be due to the drink’s high polyphenol content, which can inhibit the likes of the flu and other respiratory conditions. Consumption of white wine and champagne above recommended alcohol guidelines also decreased COVID risk. 

However, we have some bad news for pint lovers, as those who drank any amount of beer or cider were at an alleged increased risk at 28% compared to non-drinkers. Those who drank five glasses of spirits or more per week were also said to increase the risk from the virus. The report recommended against heavy drinking in general during a pandemic, as those who consumed alcohol double the guidelines had a higher risk from COVID. 



WATCH: Hundreds take to Valletta’s street protesting vaccine restrictions

Hundreds take to Valletta’s street protesting vaccine restrictions
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Yesterday 23rd January 2022, hundreds took to the streets of Malta’s capital city to protest the newly imposed COVID-19 restrictions. 

A massive crowd packed Republic Street and eventually in front of the Sette Giugno monument in St George’s Square, with protestors chanting cries of freedom, holding up placards touting human rights breaches and even signing a petition against vaccination rules. 

With participants booing at any mention of Health Minister Chris Fearne or Prime Minister Robert Abela, the protest comes just as health authorities alluded to a measure exit plan being announced this week. 


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With stereos booming songs such as ‘I Want To Break Free’, many criticised the booster measures, pointing out how many workers were forced to take the third jab due to working directly with customers. 

Yesterday, the Prime Minister reiterated Fearne’s revelation that the roadmap to ease restrictions will be announced this week. He stated that he is excited to discuss the transition of treating COVID more like an endemic like the seasonal influenza rather than the pandemic. 


7 ways to beat exam stress | by Ed’s Common Sense

7 ways to beat exam stress | by Ed's Common Sense
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If you’re reading this, you’re probably going through the phases of exam stress and that’s okay. Trying to handle the avalanche of commitments that come with student life is no easy feat, but there are ways and ways of handling it. That’s why this week, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Edward Curmi is here to give us 7 ways to beat exam stress! Take a look and let us know what you think.

Dr. Edward Curmi is also the author of 2 self-help books titled Ed’s Common Sense.

Good sleep.
When your mind is rested you are able to concentrate much more. Six to eight hours should do the trick.

9 signs that you are an overthinker

Start with the difficult.
Trick your mind by starting the day with your most challenging topic. It will help you gain confidence for the rest of the day.

9 signs that you are an overthinker

Watch what you say.
Avoid talking to yourself with negative thoughts. Believe in yourself and use positive energy towards your studies.

Move it.
Exercise is one of the best ways to ‘jump start’ your day. Never underestimate the power of ‘feel good’ chemicals that activity generate.

Why do good people quit their job?

To be successful with studying you need to get organised. Self-discipline and a plan of action will definitely help

Why do good people quit their job?

Be realistic.
Is your plan for studying realistic? Can you squeeze all that you are saying you can do in a day? Stop wishing and develop appropriate expectations.

9 signs that you are an overthinker

Buddy system.
Find someone who you can study with. We often underestimate the power of having a buddy who can support and help you grow for the same common goal.

Did you find these tips helpful? Let us know!


Two groups – Beyond and Soul Tide – eliminated

Two groups - Beyond and Soul Tide - eliminated
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Two groups have been eliminated tonight. Both were mentored by Philippa Naudi, with Beyond being eliminated first. Soul Tide went head to head with Timea Farr in the sing off, but the latter kept her place in the Live Shows. Ivan, Ira and Howard Keith all voted for Timea to stay in the competition, sending the youth trio home. Both groups gave their best throughout the entire competition, and we will undoubtedly be hearing from them all in the future. The rest of the singers… well, they’re gearing up for the next live show with the theme of ‘Soundtracks’.