Record week for COVID-19 cases and recoveries in the past week in Malta

Feb 28 2021 Share

The past week has been a record week for COVID-19 cases and recoveries across Malta, as the country’s reproduction number rose to 1.21.

Statistician Vincent Marmara reported this on The Malta Independent on Sunday and went on to mention the 1,419 total reported cases in the past week and 1,260 total recoveries, crediting this surge to the carnival period amongst other factors.

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Marmara also highlighted the significance of the UK variant’s presence and the unknown nature of the variants’ effects, going on to appeal for public responsibility and caution.


School band play in COVID safe pods

Feb 27 2021 Share
The Wenatchee High School in Washington have implemented an innovative and, above all, safe method of keeping band practice ongoing.
Repurposing the pods to include space for the musicians’ equipment, the music and theatre departments took on the initiative so as to encourage playing in a group versus playing remotely.
The pods had reportedly been in use since January, even with a system of alternating school hours for other subjects in place. The sealed-off changing tents are now permitting the band to keep practicing as COVID-19 continues to spread. The show must indeed go on.

Government paying rent for families on pre-1995 leases

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As thousands of families expect additional rental costs, government is undertaking the task of paying said costs to aid the families. Landlords can claim up to 2% of the property’s market value in rent should they be bound by pre-1995 property leases.

The major reform was announced last Saturday. With approximately 10,000 families affected by the new reform and the total outlay expected to be €1 million in the first year, €3 million in the second, and €5 million in the third year, government will be paying the additional costs.

Any pensioners or social-welfare beneficiaries in pre-1995 leases will have costs covered fully up to a maximum of €10,000 per year. Prime Minister Robert Abela also stated that tenants affected will be offered aid as they are not to be held responsible by failure of the state to act quicker. Full time tenants will pay a maximum of 25% rental costs.

Ressaqna ‘l quddiem riforma fil-kirjiet ta’ qabel l-1995 li tassigura li ħadd ma jispiċċa mingħajr saqaf fuq rasu u li…

Posted by Robert Abela on Saturday, 27 February 2021


eCabs going 100% green by 2025

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eCabs, the well-known Maltese cab company, plans to revolutionise its fleet of vehicles into eco-friendly cars by 2025. eCabs CEO Matthew Bezzina announced the change alongside Energy and Enterprise Minister Miriam Dalli, and stated how this shift will require equal commitment from the government to ensure that electric mobility is supported.

“Eleven years ago, we made a leap of faith inspired by a vision of radically transforming mobility in Malta. We never…

Posted by eCabs on Friday, 26 February 2021

Electric models from KIA, Hyundai and Citroen have already joined the ranks in eCab’s vehicle arsenal. Bezzina is immensely encouraged by the support given to welcome this project, with Dalli highlighting the hard work undertaken by her ministry to introduce the holistic strategy. This project will introduce Malta to a more sustainable and cleaner transport system, and possibly start the road towards a carbon-free economy.