REAX: A Snapshot of Responses to Malta’s Budget 2024

REAX: A Snapshot of Responses to Malta's Budget 2024
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The recent unveiling of Malta’s Budget 2024 by Finance Minister Clyde Caruana has sparked a range of reactions from various entities, shedding light on the diverse perspectives and concerns regarding the nation’s financial plan. Let’s take a closer look at the key takeaways from these reactions:

UHM Voice of the Workers: 💬 “With the money we gave to Steward and Vitals we would have made another budget of €500 million”

The UHM Voice of the Workers expressed disappointment over the government’s decision not to exempt the cost of living allowance (COLA) from taxation. This move was seen as essential in alleviating the impact of the high cost of living and could have left €30 million in the pockets of Maltese families. The absence of this measure left many disheartened, especially considering widespread support for it.

Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry: 💬 “Clear on social objectives, vague on wealth creation.”

The Malta Chamber highlighted that a growing portion of the budget is allocated to recurrent expenditure, focusing on energy subsidies and social assistance. While this support is essential for vulnerable groups amid inflationary pressures, the Chamber pointed out that investment in infrastructure, such as energy distribution, waste management, and transportation networks, was insufficient. The budget missed an opportunity to introduce concrete measures to reduce private car use in congested areas, particularly during rush hours.

ADPD-The Green Party: 💬 “A fair Malta… for whom?”

The ADPD expressed concerns over the budget’s allocation of resources, especially subsidies, which they considered wasteful. While they acknowledged the increase in the minimum wage as a step in the right direction, they deemed it insufficient for a decent standard of living. The party also anticipated measures to reduce unsustainable energy subsidies, but these were not clearly addressed in the budget.

Malta Chamber of SMEs: 💬 “Energy subsidies are an important reassurance.”

The Malta Chamber of SMEs welcomed the assurance of continued energy subsidies. However, they noted the absence of specific incentives to strengthen SMEs within the budget, expressing a desire for more emphasis on this vital sector.

General Workers’ Union: 💬 “Budget 2024: A budget that continues to improve the quality of life.”

The General Workers’ Union commended the budget for its significant expenditure on social measures, especially for the most vulnerable segments of the population. Measures such as raising the national minimum wage over four years and increasing social services, including pensions, were highlighted. The continuation of energy, fuel, and cereal subsidies was also appreciated.

Gozo Business Chamber: 💬 “A focus on the social aspect and significant projects.”

The Gozo Business Chamber noted that the budget primarily addresses social aspects and maintains a high standard of living for the Maltese population. They highlighted various upcoming projects, such as the rural airfield initiative and the completion of essential infrastructural developments, which are expected to benefit the community. Additionally, the introduction of an MRI machine for Gozo was seen as a positive step.

Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association: 💬 “Tourism remains the motor of the economy.”

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) emphasised the government’s commitment to supporting the economic resurgence and expansion, particularly within the tourism sector. The importance of connectivity and the launch of a new airline were highlighted. MHRA also acknowledged the wide-ranging social benefit schemes, although they noted a reduction in the subvention for the Malta Tourism Authority.

These varied responses to Budget 2024 underscore the complex challenges and priorities facing Malta as it navigates economic and social issues in the years ahead.

The budget’s impact on different sectors and segments of the population will be closely watched as the financial plan is implemented.


Robert Abela’s First Comments Post Budget 2024 Reading

Robert Abela's First Comments Post Budget 2024 Reading
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Following the unveiling of Budget 2024, Prime Minister Robert Abela addressed his cabinet ahead of a year of budget proposal implementations. 

The Prime Minister told his team that he is very proud of yesterday’s launch and that he hopes to see the same energy when it comes to the actual implementation of the proposals. 


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Abela said that the rate of implementation for last year’s budget was very high, as revealed by PPS, and says that this will give the implementation of Budget 2024 proposals a boost. 

The secret to yesterday’s budget, Abela said, is that the government met with people and entities to see what can be incorporated in the Budget document. 


Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro With M3 Family Of Chips

Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro With M3 Family Of Chips
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Apple unveiled a new lineup of MacBook Pro laptops, along with a new iMac model and PC chips in a unique nighttime launch event. These updates aim to rejuvenate Apple’s Mac range, which saw a 7% drop in sales in the previous quarter due to a global slowdown in PC sales. 

The new computers, available next week, maintain the same designs as last year’s models but come equipped with new chips. The iMac had not been refreshed since April 2021, and the MacBook Pro got a chip upgrade earlier in January.

At the Halloween-themed event, Apple highlighted that the new chips offer significant upgrades, including faster speeds, extended battery life, and high-end capabilities for AI applications. 

The company emphasized that the new machines surpass Intel-based Macs, which began to be phased out in 2020.

In addition, Apple reduced the price of the entry-level 14-inch MacBook Pro from $1999 to $1599, albeit with a less powerful M3 chip compared to the previous year’s model.

The new MacBook Pro lineup introduces the M3 family of chips: M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max. These chips bring enhanced performance and new capabilities to MacBook Pro, catering to various user needs. The laptops come with features like a Liquid Retina XDR display, a built-in 1080p camera, a six-speaker sound system, and versatile connectivity options. 

They offer up to an impressive 22 hours of battery life, ensuring consistent performance whether plugged in or on battery. The lineup is available for order now, with availability starting on November 7.


McDonald’s Is Dropping A CROCS Collaboration

McDonald's Is Dropping A CROCS Collaboration
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McDonald’s, known for its collaborations with lifestyle and apparel brands, has recently teamed up with Japanese label graniph for a merchandise collection. Now, they’re unveiling a new collaboration with Crocs, set to launch later this week. This partnership will give the classic Crocs silhouettes a unique twist, incorporating McDonald’s beloved mascots.

The collection features various color options, with the Classic Clog sporting the iconic red, yellow, and white color scheme. These may also come with special McDonald’s Jibbitz like the fries container featuring the “M” branding. 


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Additionally, there’s a “Birdie” version in yellow, a black and white design paying homage to the Hamburglar, and a Cozzzy Slide in regal purple, dedicated to the Grimace. Jibbitz charms of these iconic mascots will be available for purchase, allowing individuals to personalize their McDonald’s x Crocs footwear.

The McDonald’s x Crocs collection is set to be released on November 2, 2023, with prices ranging from $70 to $75 USD. It will be available at select retailers and online on the Crocs website.