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In today’s relentless work environment, many look for occupations which offer job security, satisfaction, flexible hours and good pay, but few workplaces actually boast the luxury of ticking all those boxes.

Doing something you love at a steady workplace which constantly inspires its employees is a much sought-after commodity, which is why RE/MAX has developed the reputation it has over the years.

Landing a job in the property industry does not only offer a secure position in a rock-solid international company but provides job security in a market which is thriving at the moment.

That’s where you come in.

RE/MAX Malta prides itself on its sense of family and collaboration with its core belief in training and development. While it may seem daunting, jumping into a new industry has never been so easy with RE/MAX’s intensive training and provision of all the appropriate technology and tools.

Since its inception in 1973, RE/MAX has been a pioneer in the real estate business for prioritising sales associates and as a result, has encouraged the very best candidates to approach the company and ultimately build a self-motivating global team of property experts. The company’s culture for cultivating great ideas and motivated individuals has stood the test of time and the aspiration to remain ahead of the curve has constantly pushed the company forward.

RE/MAX Malta’s latest technology covers everything from Customer Relation Management to Human Resources within a few clicks (or taps). Instant statistics, customer preferences and notifications will contribute to creating a fast-paced and productive work environment which is as manageable as ever.

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Posted by REMAX Malta on Monday, 2 August 2021


Having the latest technology to cater all associates to work in the best way possible while maintaining a genuine, people-centric mindset makes for a dream job and RE/MAX is ready to welcome you on board.

With over 120,000 agents in 6,800 offices across 100 countries, the RE/MAX brand is as strong as ever and all it takes is one bold step to become part of the team.

Get in touch with RE/MAX today by visiting join.remax-malta.com

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