Rare Golden Era Ferrari 625 F1 Going Up For Auction

Apr 8 2024 Share

A remarkable piece from Ferrari’s illustrious past, the 1954 Ferrari 625 F1, will soon be available for auction through RM Sotheby’s at their upcoming Monaco sale.

This vehicle, derived from the iconic 500 F2 that propelled Alberto Ascari to consecutive World Championships in 1952 and 1953, represents a pivotal era in Ferrari’s racing history.

Upgraded to 625 F1 specifications in 1954, this car marked Ferrari’s collaboration with the Belgian national team, Ecurie Francorchamps, and was notably raced by Marquis Alfonso de Portago. Chassis number 0540 spent over 15 years as part of the prestigious Bardinon Mas du Clos Collection, adding to its distinguished provenance.

This racing gem comes with a Ferrari Classiche inspection report and a detailed history documented by renowned Ferrari historian Marcel Massini. It witnessed the evolution of Formula One, transitioning from a 500 F2 chassis to a 625 F1, reflecting the technological advancements of the era.

Beyond its technical prowess and significant race performances, the 1954 Ferrari 625 F1 embodies the excitement and innovation of Ferrari’s engineering during that era.

Its auction offers a unique opportunity for collectors to acquire a piece of racing heritage, showcasing Ferrari’s dominance and ingenuity during this celebrated period in Scuderia history.

Bidding for the 1954 Ferrari 625 F1 will commence on May 10 during RM Sotheby’s Monaco sale, with an estimated value of up to $2,250,000 USD.


Maltese Creates Survival Horror Game ‘Inside The Labs’

Maltese Creates Survival Horror Game 'Inside The Labs'
Apr 8 2024 Share

Survival horror players listen up!

“Inside the Labs” is a game developed right here in the Maltese islands by Christian Cassar during his free time.

The concept?

‘Nova Laboratories Incorporated, or Nova Labs were recently accused of conducting human experiments behind closed doors. Alone or with your friends, you take on the role of an aspiring explorer and medical student on a mission to uncover evidence of this alleged news. The labs are rumoured to still contain human remains and are inhabited by a dangerous mutated creature you seek to identify.’

The game is now available on Steam and has been making some rounds online too as gamers play through the nightmarish landscapes and face off against terrifying creatures!

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People Flock To Beaches As Temperatures Soar In Malta

People Flock To Beaches As Temperatures Soar In Malta
Apr 8 2024 Share

As temperatures in Malta start to climb, people are flocking to local beaches to soak up the sun or catch some needed refreshment in the form of a quick splash!

According to Facebook page ‘It-Temp Madwarna’, the third month of 2024 and the first month of spring of the same year, March, was yet another hotter and drier month when compared to the seasonal average.

March saw maximum temperatures which which were 1.5°C hotter than the average 17.8°C, whereas the lowest were 1.0°C higher than the climactic norm of 11.7°C.

This week is set to bring more warm and sunny days, with temperatures set to feel like 25°C and the highest temperatures climbing to around 25°C.

Have you hit the beach yet?


Chef Daniel Shares Touching Tribute To Late Father

Chef Daniel Shares Touching Tribute To Late Father
Apr 8 2024 Share

Taking to social media, chef Daniel Borg Cardona paid a touching tribute to his late father, writing about their difficult relationship.

‘Even though you abandoned me many years ago i will still always respect you as my father’, wrote Daniel.


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A post shared by Daniel (@danny24breezy)

‘For 20 years i pretended it didn’t effect me, it was very hard growing up without a father. I wish you got to know the man I became today. Who knows maybe you would have finally accepted me. But i never got the chance and never will.’

On behalf of MaltaDaily, we’d like to wish our sincerest condolences to Daniel and all his loved ones.