Rapid testing to start today

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In a saħħa press conference streamed earlier today, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne announced that Rapid Testing will start in Malta from today.

Fearne announced 50,000 antigen tests to arrive by next week whilst also revealed the opening new centres in the Boffa grounds in Floriana and the north of Malta.

This will result in a projected increase of one thousands tests per day as health authorities plan to introduce rapid testing for nursing home staff and staff of private clinics and schools.


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Protests around Europe as COVID-19 measures tighten

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Trash bins around Downtown Rome were set ablaze last Tuesday night as protesters took to the streets to express their discontent against the recently-imposed COVID-19 measures.

Local police attempted to mitigate the situation with hydrant sprays after the outburst against evening shutdowns for establishments and closure of theatres, gyms and other entertainment avenues in a display of discontent.

This was the fifth consecutive night of protest in Italy as Europe begins to show signs of disagreement and rebellion against COVID-19 restrictions.


Missing woman found in Qawra

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Following previous reports of a missing 77-year-old woman in Qawra, it has been revealed that Imelda Maria Frenda has been found and is reportedly ‘safe and sound’.


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Koħħu laywer suggests Prime Minister’s recusal

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The lawyer of Daphne Caruana Galizia murder suspect Vince Muscat has stated that the Prime Minister should recuse himself from any discussion regarding presidential pardon for Muscat for the sake of transparency.

Mark Sant suggested recusal on the grounds that Abela used to be a lawyer for the brothers who supplied the bomb involved in the Caruana Galizia case.

Sant suggested a conflict of interest amongst cabinet members and stated that there are ‘prominent members’ who have not yet been revealed.


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