Rape case thrown out because victim wore red underwear

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Protests have emerged in Peru after the court threw out a rape case because the victim wore red underwear and ‘could have signalled intention for sexual relations’. 

The judge went on to dismiss claims that the women was shy and reserved and acquitted the accused rapist on grounds that ‘the type of underwear is typically used leading to moments of intimacy’. 

Crowds of young women gathered in front of Peruvian court in protest of the judge’s ruling, holding up red-painted hands and signs saying statements like ‘masochism is the real pandemic’.


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The Weeknd to headline Super Bowl halftime show 2021

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The Canadian pop star, The Weeknd, was chosen to play the half-time show at the Super Bowl in Tampa, Fla., in February, a performance that due to pandemic restrictions could face challenges. 

Abel Tesfaye, who is professionally known as Weeknd, said in a statement, “We all grow up watching the world’s greatest acts playing the Super Bowl, and one can only dream of being in that role.” “I am humbled, proud and ecstatic that this year i will be the center of that infamous stage.”


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Orlando has just announced plans for the first flying taxi airport in the US

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The planned “Lake Nona Vertiport” in Orlando will allow passengers to bypass the highways of Florida and fly in one of the 186 mph jets of the German manufacturer Lilium. 

Passengers will be able to use an app similar to Uber and Lyft to book the electric-powered jets that are still in production. According to the Orlando Business Journal, the City Council offered Lilium a tax exemption of more than $800,000 over nine years and the whole project will cost $25 million.


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Tyga sued by Landlord for not paying rent

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The landlord claims the rapper didn’t pay $32,000 he owed in April after moving out of the property after almost a year of renting it.  The landlord also says that Tyga left dents on the flooring of the kitchen, which contributed to $27,650 in repairs, as well as damaging marble floors and counters ($15,575) and walls ($103,160). 

A basketball hoop that damaged the driveway and new locks that destroyed the entrance door were allegedly installed by Tyga, none of which Tyga had permission to install. The landlord is suing for contract violation and demanding damages of over $200,000.


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