Raise awareness on bullying at the workplace with new survey

Raise awareness on bullying at the workplace with new survey
Mar 21 2023 Share

Voluntary organisation bBrave is currently collaborating with PwC Malta to raise awareness about a very important topic which resonates with many people at any stage in their life – bullying. 

Their new national survey aims to tackle bullying, as well as ostracism, on the workplace. The survey is being carried out to help obtain a better understanding on the extent off workplace bullying in Malta. 

‘Schools have the ‘advantage’ nowadays of being aware of bullying, and will take required action when policy/rules are broken. Bullying at the workplace on the other hand is just as common and is not yet actioned properly.’ 

This makes adults less likely to speak up against it, out of fear of risking their employment. As a community, the NGOs write, we need to normalise individuals who speak up against such phenomena so we can take the right action to stop it. 

‘The analysed data will be used to guide the development of anti-bullying policies, training and national awareness campaigns and effectively tackle bullying at the workplace.’

Your contribution to this research will greatly assist many suffering victims of bullying from all walks of life!

Fill in the survey here.


Haley Bugeja makes it onto 25 best wonderkids list for third year in a row

Haley Bugeja makes it onto 25 best wonderkids list for third year in a row
Mar 21 2023 Share

Malta’s very own football starlet Haley Buġeja has once again made it onto Goal’s NXGN list – marking the third consecutive year that the footballer was mentioned on the 25 player list. 

The internationally acclaimed list describes Haley as a player who stands out for her dribbling ability in particular. 

‘The ambidextrous Bugeja has been generating real buzz ever since her brilliant breakthrough into senior football as a 16-year-old at Sassuolo’ wrote the platform. 

Haley made her mark when she scored a viral goal against Napoli, ending her first campaign in Serie A with 12 goals. She went on to break various records for her home country and then signed for the Orlando Pride team in the summer of 2022. 

She very recently got featured as a playable character on Fifa23 – becoming the first female player from Malta to do so. This came after FIFA added all of America’s National Women’s Soccer League teams following a brand new deal. 

Well done Haley!


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Don’t like the weather? It’ll be sunnier on the weekend!

Don't like the weather? It'll be sunnier on the weekend!
Mar 21 2023 Share

The weather we’re experiencing today, with cloudy skies and moderately strong winds, won’t be sticking around for the weekend! 

At least, that’s what current weather forecasts are predicting. According to the Malta International Weather forecast, Friday is set to bring the sunlight after a few cloudy days.

That weather is expected to persist all throughout the weekend, with temperatures increasing as days go by. The maximum temperature will be 22 degrees Celsius by Sunday.

The lowest will rank at around 12 degrees Celsius, with wind forces of around 3 and 4. However, we’ll have to get through a bit of cloudy and humid weather today. 

According to it-Temp Madwarna, the lowest temperature today will be 13°C and the highest 17°C. There is a very slight chance, 25%, of rainfall with around 10% chance of stormy weather. 


Photo Credit: Kevin Busuttil (via It-Temp Madwarna)

Work hard, party harder: a 108 year old’s advice

Work hard, party harder: a 108 year old's advice
Mar 21 2023 Share

Mary Ann Clifton, known by loved ones as Rosina, has given out advice as the secret to live a long life – and we might want to listen, as she is a whopping 108 years old. 

According to Rosina, a long and happy life consists of a ‘tipple at lunchtime’ and ‘partying.’ (For the uninitiated, tipple is slang for alcoholic drink).

Ms Clifton, who met the Mayor of Bromley at a surprise afternoon tea party by the care home team, received a birthday telegram from the new king himself. 

She went on to explain that a drink in the afternoon has never done her any harm. She encouraged those listening to work hard as it won’t hurt you either. However, people need to supplement the work ethic with an enthusiastic drive for partying with friends and loved ones. 

Rosina was born on 16th of March 1915 in South London. She went on to work as a clothing cutter and then joined her daughter’s printing business. The mother of two, grandmother to four, great-grand mother to 10 and great-great-grandmother to seven, Rosina was described as a much loved and popular resident.